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whaddaweek (week 4 over & done!)

Jimminy CHRISTMAS this was a heck of a week. Just. A roller coaster.

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As always, my masterpost of daily creates is up! The three I did this week were the photo captioning one, the fairytale one, and the whale one. Check em out!

I started off the week really strong, reflecting on my photography skills and practices, and in the process realizing that I want to take more artsier photos. I then studied some photographs from real photographers in the 80s, for inspiration and for technical tips and tricks. Even though I’m a sucker for color, the more subdued, even black and white in some cases, of those photos was super neat-looking, and definitely an aesthetic I’m looking forward to exploring a little more.

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Still riding a high of productivity, I then accomplished the 20 minute photoblitz, which was I had a really really good time with. Check out my post about it here! This was a fun way to start off my week of photography because it forced me to not stand in the same place for 5 minutes taking one photo- there simply wasn’t time- but still allowed me to take a few photos per prompt. A sort of hannah montana best of both world situation! Additionally, the prompts challenged me and were good inspiration for some fancy schmancy photos!

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The first assignment I completed was a 10 step collage challenge, check it out here, but essentially I started at a point and then took 1 photo every 10 steps and turned it into a collage. I think this lays claim to the second favorite thing I did this week. It was a challenge to find a photo every 10 steps, because 10 is a lot less than I though it was. This assignment made me use functions on my camera I don’t normally use (the square photo taker, the flash even tho it was light enough, etc) and made me think about environment more (because I usually just think about the people in a photo bc i’m super people-centric). But it was just SUCH a cool end result and it made feel all artsy and creative which was

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The next post was really fun because it featured MY DOG, Sadie, who, if you haven’t heard, I love with all my soul. This one was relatively straight-forward, create a collage in her honor, which meant I got to look at pictures of my dog for the duration of this post which was just SO ideal! The biggest struggle with this assignment was grappling with how much I miss her, which is a lot! And, of course, choosing her best angles, because shes a beautiful sweetheart and I wanted to encapsulate that. I just- look at her- look at that face,,, !

Now this next assignment. Not my best work. Not my favorite work. At that point in the week I was kind of stupid overwhelmed and just generally Stressed with Many Things on my mind, but it got done! I struggled with choosing a quote and then formatting the quote on my photo, and also struggled with choosing a photo, and it was just one kneecap after another. And the fact that it was Way Too Late At Night probably did not help with my spirits. Focusing on some positives, I really like Rent, and the quote genuinely is a lovely line from the AMAZING song La Vie Bohème, which you should CERTAINLY listen to. pls.

la vie boheme GIF by Rent the Musical

This next assignment though, this one made it all worth it. I created my own assignment!!! I had been experimenting with panoramas throughout the week within the other assignments and had seen this really cool photography hack on instagram where people put themselves in photos multiple times using the pano function, and had wanted to do that for THE LONGEST TIME. Thus. After many trials and errors and successes and not-as-successes, I got a few really good cloning panoramas and decided to turn it into a (three star, visual) assignment!! Since I was the creator of the assignment, I decided to ban the use of any and all editing software because I don’t like it. In seriousness, however, the use of editing software kind of negates the point of having to speedrun to new positions without creating some kind of horrific humanoid monster in the middle of your photo, so there is a legitmate reasoning to the ban outside of just I’m petty. aNwHo, I’m so proud of myself and of the photos, they were a blast to make and by far the favorite thing I did this week. So ummmm. do my assignment. its fun I promise. This assignment really made me think on my feet, running from one pose to the next while the pano is still being taken doesn’t leave much room for overthinking, and this style of phototaking lends itself to some really fun digital stories!

my humble first attempt!

And finally, last but not least, a redemption shot at editing photos! I decided to this assignment partially because I only needed 1 more star of assignments, but also partially because it spoke to me as a nice way to get my editing chops up to par. Structured, basic, doable. And those things it was! This assignment allowed me to be creative and express myself, but doing so using only the most basic of editing processes, which is exactly what I needed. This assignment gave me some confidence back and made me not give up completely on photo editing as a concept. So yee haw for that I suppose!

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thx for sticking around! -liz

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