Weekly Summaries

week six? full of tricks!

week 6 summary post! there are a lot more words that rhyme with six than i thought; like still not a ton, but more than i expected!

we are six girl power GIF by Official London Theatre

Throughout the week, i was on the lookout for different elements of design, which i found and compiled here for your convenience! This was really cool because it forced me to open my eyes and see the world around me in a funky fresh new way, which is totally appreciated! It also gave me a little bit of design inspo for my assignments! mostly just in the sense of “oh yeah symmetry is a thing i can and should use”, but nonetheless!

being honest, the daily creates this week werent my favorite, but i did get to post a really pretty picture i took of some flowers, so thats a win! check ’em out here though!

As for assignments, I’m kind of very proud of my work this week! first and foremost, I conquered gimp!! I started off the week with an assignment that called to, essentially, edit myself from a previous photo into a funky fresh new situation! check out the full post (& my celebrations on conquering gimp) here, but i’ll save you the click if youre just interested in my MASTERPIECE!

overall, this was a really fun assignment and i am stupid proud of myself for an actually not half bad work of gimp editing. It was definitely a lot of googling, but it all ended up being things i can (& did) do! also i just really like the final image, i like the contrast between the man who knows how to tightrope walk (even though i doubt he was legitimately high up) & me clinging for life to the rope. It makes me happy.

next assignment! 80s themed! not just 80s, but also Heathers themed! The goal was to make a simplified movie poster that still encompasses the gist of the film. this one was super fun because its essentially a better version of the very first assignment i ever did for ds106 (a point i elaborate on in the write-up)

I’m ridiculously happy with this one, another successful use of gimp & i just really like heathers and how to blue contrasts with the dullness of the background colors and blah blah blah check out my post for the non-abridged gushing!

Next assignment, straightfoward but fun and funky and 80s themed! i took part of the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun music video and gif-ed it!

Animated GIF

I liked this one because i had no idea it was so easy to gif things! so now i can make gifs whenever i want and i’m not sure i should have that kind of power. like legitmately i thought trying to gif things that weren’t my own recording was Very Difficult and essentially Impossible so learning i can just. Do it. Is SO COOL.

and last but CERTAINLY not least for assignments was this one, where i made a poster out of a quote/motto that i like!

this was the not minimalist version of the poster, and my personal favorite. I also made a minimal version, which is the same thing just sans the flowers and animals (because that was the assignment parameters) so if you wanna see that one, go check out the post!

the assignments i chose for this week were overwhelming a Really Good Time, and I’m super happy with everything I made and am even more happy about finally finding my footing with gimp! after doing the assigned readings, i learned that my personal design preferences & tastes are a little bit Niche and Funky, but that wasn’t exactly surprising given the everything about me! I’m just gonna run with it! if your interested in figuring out exactly what i’m talking about, check out my design reflection post!

get rekt, liz

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