Weekly Summaries

week nine sure did shine!

woo! summary post! all of the things i did this week! like a buncha daily creates! found all together in one convenient location! here! but thats not all folks!

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I also tied them all together into a story! also featured in the story are daily created from past weeks, a few posts, and some Information! its quite the story, definitely worth the read, i promise! This was really fun, and i enjoyed trying to incorporate as many different pieces as possible. I kind of cheaped out on the ending, but it was also a little bit purposeful, I didn’t want to completey copy my inspo story. I also just get this weird satisfaction from making hyperlinks, so doing so Multiple Times was just. A really good time! I learned that I kind of have a brand with my posts, but it was cool to be able to give the Story As a Whole a Very Different vibe from the individual posts.

Also this week was the radio shows! Check out my full thoughts! but overall they were super good and definitely a LOT of inspo for any future audio assignments I do.

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Also! Bigger project ideas! I’m kind of very excited for the Longer Project type vibes, and I’m really pleased with the few ideas I came up with, so good vibes so far. Also, unincluded in the compilation but soemthing with photography, maybe remaking iconic 80s photographs? or something similar? because I really like takin pics!

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And last but not least! my remakes! The first thing I did was completely remake a project from about a month ago that I was S u p e r unhappy with, and it turned out so much better than the original I’m THRILLED. this remake was a lesson in taking enough time to do things, and not being too committed to an idea if its not going well, and trusting my gut. It was also a cool benchmark in the progress i’ve made with photo editing software, which was FUN and cool! i’m still by no means great, but I knew how to change the font this time around so theres progress!

And my other remake was more of a remix. I took what is probably one of my top 5 favorite assignments, the 10 step photo challenge, and combined it with the “found sound” type assignment that i never got the chance to do. This was fun because FUSION, but also because I got to do one of my fav assignment AGAIN! The remix was really cool because I got to put my own spin on it and work on my audio editing skills as well as my collage making skills.

get dirty go wash, liz

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