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week freaking 5!

it almost rhymes! would you call that a slant rhyme? unsure, i disgaree with and hate slant rhymes as a concept so i’m probably not the best judge. anywho ds106! this week was full of totally rocking daily creates that you can find right here!

In order to orient myself to audio storytelling as a concept, I then listened to the videos, as well as to the Moon Grafitti podcast. Overall this was so so cool and i really like podcasts (any recs?), but for my full thoughts and feelings go check out my post!

the next thing i tackled was the radio show brainstorming ideas, because i was thinking about 1984 by George Orwell and that was best way to incorporate it into my ds106 life. I finally finished 1984 and jimminy christmas 10/10 but also Am A Little Afraid. 1984 wasn’t the only thing I talk about though i promise! don’t believe me? the radio show seems like its gonna be a lot of fun, and i look forward to working on it and seeing what we come up with!

speaking of radio shows! one of our other assignments was to listen to and tweet along with ds106 radio. I did this on thursday, but i’m kind of devastated i didn’t do it earlier because it was so much fun! i really enjoyed hearing everyone’s thoughts all at once, the hullabaloo was super appealing, but thats kinda just my entire personality 🙂 this was such a cool one, a really interesting mix of suspense and Analysis which i really respect.

and now onto my assignments. ill be honest, my time management this week was Through The Floor, and that is reflected a little bit in my assignments (it also could be because of unfamiliarity with audacity, but good time management could have easily negated that at least a little bit). But oh well, all weeks can’t be amazing weeks. I started out with the sound effects story. I really enjoyed looking through and listening to the different sounds, but the editing them together was certainly less fun. It got done though! Trying to create an ooky spooky vibe was cool and fun, and a nice mild departure from my usual modus oporandi of fluffy cute happy (which is a lovely and wonderful aesthetic that i am not dissing at all!)

There was my ds106 radio bumper, which was cute and fun and straightfoward and overall turned out pretty well. Although its within the guidelines, it is a little short, but I just wasn’t sure what else to fill the time with. Since it could be used for Any Show, it felt unnecessary to add my name. I am pleased with my little catchphrase bit at the end tho!

The next assignment I did was probably my favorite. I had to leave a voicemail for a fictional character, so I decided to take some creative liscense with the Les Miserables musical (which was came out on Broadway in various places in the 1980s) and leave a voicemail for the lovely Marius Pontmercy. This was super fun because I got to incorporate little easter eggs from musical AND it wasn’t huge heavy difficult editing, which i Love To See.

Finally, the third assignment I went with was one in which i needed to have a phone conversation with myself! This was cute and fun, but I wish I would have figured out how to incorporate more content. Its a very surface level conversation, about romantic pursuits and hangout plans, which is a valid conversation that people do have, but I think I certainly could have improved it by adding more Substance to the discussion.

Playing around with Audacity was really fun, and coming up with different dialogues and plotlines was a good time, but there were a few setbacks. The biggest thing I struggled with this week was that I rely very heavily on body language and body/arm gestures to communicate my meaning. In day to day speech, I often dramatically pause while waving my arms about in order to illustrate some sort of point, and it works very well in person. With only audio, however, I can’t just have 6 seconds of silence and expect audiences to understand what I’m trying to communicate (because I wouldn’t be communicating anything). Additionally, the vocal booth is in the audio editing lab, in which there were often people chilling and editing audios, so I had to not only listen to my own voice, but I had to grapple with the fact that other people whom I do not know could also hear me yelling about how marius isn’t dating a prostitute (or whatever I was recording at the time). Fingers crossed I don’t mess up my time management as badly next week and here’s to hoping those people don’t think im crazy.

happy valentines! -liz

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interesting! i feel like i’ve heard of them before, but not 100% sure,, i’ll certainly check them out though, thanks!!

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