Weekly Summaries

week eight! i’m too tired to make a cute pun! woo!

the summary post! So heres my groups final radio show product!

This was a really fun project, and i did enjoy, but its timing (& my own personal procrastination and business) was not conducive to me getting it done in a reasonable manner. thats okay tho i’m gonna come back better than ever next week yall aint even ready for how un-procrastination i’m gonna be! BUT back to the show! check here for my thoughts & reflections on the process! This was a true test of my editing abilities for a few reasons. one) I had to edit out a bunch of white noise from my own recordings, which actually isn’t too hard but sometimes i think edits out the bass in my voice a little? not sure. two) did a lot of amplifying so that all of our people are speaking at a similar volume & the audience is playing volume roulette. three) doing all of this from the Very Poor Reception Zone that is my room. four) finally deciding its worth it to move downstairs to get good wifi. One thing that i do heavy regret is my complete falling off of the ball in regards to time management. I’m pretty sure I’m the only group member who is going to have the radio show embedded into a post, which is because i did not have the editing done until approximately half an hour ago (1130pm 3/13/20). So uhh, thats on me, sincerest apologies for that :/. guilt aside, this project was so much fun, the collaboration, the 1984 by george orwell, the education, the talkin bout the eighties, just such a good time. I also cannot wait to hear all the rest of the radio shows! i think they’re gonna be great & i’m so excited!

& don’t fret! i also did daily creates this week! theyre in, you guessed it, a masterpost! check ’em out! you’ll get to see a(n edited) photo of my dog’s first time at the beach! & my mad art skillz!

get some rest friends! -liz

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