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two weeks down!

wow! two weeks over already! time flies when youre having fun i suppose! this week, i decided to focus my 80’s theme on the movie Heathers. I chose Heathers because its just such an interesting film, lot of dark humor and gore. There’s a lot to unpack!

Image result for now we don't have time to unpack all of that

The first assignment I did can be found here! I used a random word generator that generated words that cannot be translated into English and made an image to define it better.

And this is what I came up with! I chose this poster because it really emphasizes all three Heathers; they take up half of the poster! Seeing as naamgenoot means people who have the same name, this emphasis is Very Important. This was my first time using Gimp, so there was definitely a bit of a learning curve, I tend to be a little bit slow on the pickup, but I sludged through and eventually came up with a product that I’m quite happy with. As I showed in my original post, I started out much more abstract, but very quickly realized that I would need to be more explicit, because I am attempting to actually define a word.

Up next on the assignment train was my Heathers Buzzfeed quiz! This was really fun to make for a few reasons. One of those reasons is that I had to really think in order to not Heavily Insult about 20% of the people that ever take my quiz. That is to say, some of the characters don’t have a lot of redeeming qualities, so finding some was a challenge. I did enjoy playing around with wording, trying to figure out how exactly each character would phrase something before putting it down as an answer. The biggest trouble with this assignment was the fact that I couldn’t get the quiz to actually embed into WordPress, so I had stick with linking it.The only other thing that I really struggled with on this assignment was the decision whether or not to trigger warn about how I was going to mention some darker things. I ended up going with yes, because I couldn’t really lose unless I decided against it, but that was less about ds106 and more about my own stresses and overthinkings. anYWHo! As dark as it is, I do really like Heathers, especially the musical.

winona ryder heathers GIF

My final assignment was, tragically, not Heathers themed. For this one, I had to write a story, and then rewrite it using only the 1000 most common words in the English language. There was an editing website that yells at you when you use rare words, so I didn’t have to memorize any word lists or anything! Here’s a quote from my edited story!

A big bad happening, they said, could not have been stopped, had hit the big round land ball. And there were only 30 humans left in the entire star and big land ball place.”

Sounds thrilling, right? Trust me its all uphill from there! This one was pretty smooth sailing the entire time, which was certainly welcome after a Long Week, and it was just a really nice opportunity to play around and make something fun. My title, although simple, conveys the vibe of the second story pretty well. Vague, but to-the-point!

The last notable creations of this week were my daily creates, which I put into one mega-post! These were really fun, and the only thing that I truly struggled with was making sure to stop myself and not aim for complete and utter perfection. However, I did do a pretty good job at that and thus was able to actually enjoy myself! I especially enjoyed the haiku one, because it allowed me to get mad nostalgic, and the map one, because I got to play with colored pencils!

until next time! – liz

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