Weekly Summaries

& thats a wrap on week 7!

the ever-awaited summary post! so this week had the unfortunate luck to be right between a trip to philadelphia i took with a friend (which was delightful and so much fun!) & spring break (so eagerly awaited for so many weeks). Thus, motivation this week was at an all-time low, unfortunately enough. I was able to get everything done, but not the extent or quality that i was hoping to. we start out, like always, with my daily create masterpost! the daily creates this week were a lot of fun, i got to talk about taylor swift & my DOG, which are both such GOOD content i heavy recommend them both.

next, i made an advertisement for my group’s radio show! I’m super happy with how it turned out & i love flexing my design skills. It was a really nice change in creative pace for me; usually i go for colorful and pleasant and pretty, and although its certainly a Masterpiece, i wouldn’t, by any means, call it pleasant. All this to say, you should certainly check it out!

My assignments this week are all very-much 1984 themed, which was on purpose, in preparation for my bit of the radio show next week! the first one i completed was a dramatic reading of Winston’s diary! this was really really fun & i was able to be dramatic and angsty without having to come up with the feelings myself! additionally, Winston makes some really good points in his diary that i found it important to reflect on. up next on the assignment train was the analyzation of a poem thats an integral part of the novel and that holds some surprising meaning to it! finally, i chose one of the most important moments of Winston’s life, and explained it in just under two minutes. What i really liked about these assignments was that it refamiliarized me with the novel, and allowed me to further digest all of the important bits that i’m gonna wanna bring up next week. Additionally, i really like how my voice sounds in all of these, which is an Lovely Change from how recording these things usually goes!

& to finish off the week, a little reflection & whats yet to come regarding the ds106 group radio show! (entitled the eighties through space-time!) which is gonna be a SMACK show & i can’t wait for people to be able to listen to it!

have a lovely spring break! -liz

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