Weekly Summaries

on the twelfth week of ds106

my professor gave to me! a bunch of mash-up and remix assignments that were a lot more fun than i expected them to be! and some daily creates, which can be found here!

so the two remix assignments i did were this one, where i faked an old-timey photo featuring a sidekick (my lovely beagle sadie), and this one, where i added some helvetica ds106 adverts to stupid photos. both of these were super fun and i really like photographs and photograph design. I mentioned this in my first remix assignment, but gimp has really grown on me! i did not like it At All and avoided it at all costs near the beginning of the semester, but its kind of a vibe now that i have a better idea of how to work it. I’m slowly learning what each tool does, every once in a while i pick up a hot tip on why something is or isnt working, its a blast! I just think thats a really fun personal progression (hell, i even made my own photography assignment because i didn’t like photo editing!). The helvetica assignment was fun because i got to dredge up some of my underused photos (underused because they’re not aesthetic & cute (except the frog one which is both aesthetic and cute)). I like wordplay and pun type things, so this whole goofy combination was a win for me.

As for the mashup assignments, the first one i did also used gimp, and was probably my best and most holistic use of the software in ever. Obviously i didn’t use all of the buttons and doodads and she is not perfect, but i used a lot more buttons and doodads and it just looks so cool and fun and funky and yeaeh 10/10 very pleased (and its 80s themed!). Nothing looks too out of place, which i think is another big part of what i’m proud of.

And last but not least! a riveting texting masterpiece! i’m kind of a sucker for these on snapchat, a guilty pleasure sort of thing so it was super cool to create my own. I think my favorite bit and the bit im most proud of is about halfway through when the pov texter keeps rewriting her message. the way it conveys her feelings and thoughts and stuff im just real proud of myself for figurin out. also an overuse of emojis because i feel like thats something that would have happened in the 80s if texting was a thing.

and scene! -liz

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