Weekly Summaries

oh no! week 3’s over already!

fret not mes amis, we still have plenty of ds106 left! i had such a good time this week, mostly because i’ve been really into writing things lately, especially poetry. The daily creates this week were so much fun, def check out all my masterpieces on my daily create masterpost! i especially enjoyed the memoir one, because it combined writing, sentimentality, and very basic photoediting skills and i ended up with a product im super happy with (seriously, check it out!). i struggled a little bit with how to get the words to show up, but then figured out how to add the pink block behind it. best of both worlds!

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as for an 80s movie, i ended up watching Clue the Movie, which i kind of chose randomly. it was certainly an experience, ill say that much. in my chit chat think about a story post, i tried to cover the specific aspects of its storytelling, and even followed in Vonnegut’s footsteps and graphed its plot! i am not a huge fan, but i think i might be biased against comedies. Check out my review, watch the movie, lemme know! am i being a snob? im just not sure. the critics kind of agree with me, but its their job to be snobby, sooooooo . . .

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then came my assignments! 12 and 1/2 points from the writing category! i had a lot of fun with these, especially the compilation story ones- this one, where i had to make a story from old newspaper headlines and this one, where i had to make a poem from Twilight Zone titles. theyre both Masterpieces ofc, but i think i prefer my Twilight Zone poem because i’m a sucker for cheesy things and romanticist cliches.

i see what you did there jake gyllenhaal GIF

what a convenient transition! because one of the other writing assignments i did was explain the origin of my blog name! within the post, i decided to embrace the influence part of me- remember, i have two (2) subscribers on the YouTube- and tried a little bit of clickbait! i think i’m hilarious. so, curious about why i’m romanticist cliche? find out why, here!

I also rewrote the ending of the subpar Clue movie! although i did have a good time with this one, i had to work within the parameters that the first hour and 10 minutes of the movie set up, which was not ideal (because it was subpar). this worked very well with the setup of the movie for reasons that i will not elaborate on for spoilers reasons (what am i talking about? find out!)

feelings explain GIF

and finally! more poetry! not poetry i wrote myself tho! this final assignment was to talk about a quote you like, so i chose one from my all-time favorite poet and explained why i love it so much! that was great because i love talking about the things that make me happy and that quote is just for certain a thing that makes me happy!

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overall, i’m really happy with how this week went. since it was more about writing, i didn’t have to think about technology or power through any technical difficulties; it was all creativity bby! had a few fun chats about my posts & common interests (namely: poetry and newspapers), and just a rlly good time.

au revoir -liz

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