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f i n a l countdown!

get it? bc its the final project & also the final weeks of ds106 [ 🙁 ] ! Anyways! my big big plans! So lately ive been kind of struggling with the 80s theme, even though its super big and broad & i have a lot of room to incorporate my personal interests. But nonetheless, ive been struggling. So for the final, i’ve decided to base it around a topic ive used before (many times, in fact) Heathers! Hopefully my dear classmates and professor aren’t sick and tired of it already, bc here we go again! I’m super excited though, Heathers is just such a fun realm to work in and i cannot WAIT to really get going on this. [as that previous statement applies, this week was So Much for me, so i was only really able to do Big Planning]. But i do in fact have big big plans.

So part of my inspiration for this was actually one of the ds106 radio shows; the one about what the 80s would have been like if there was social media. It was also inspired by my recent realization that i really like running instagram accounts, and want to play around with social media more. & that, combined with heathers, birthed an idea! I’m going to make social media accounts for three of the main characters in Heathers— Veronica, JD, and Heather Chandler (red)! I’m s o excited, and will below outline my thoughts and vibes for each character.

First up; Veronica Sawyer (v_eronica_sawyer on instagram!). Veronica’s instagram is going to look like a typical high school seniors. That sounds like a cop-out but I do have more thoughts i promise! Her instagram is mostly photos of her and her friends hanging out, with a few photos of her and JD as well. On her instagram story, I’m going to add a couple polls & advertisement type things for school functions (and maybe some insta challenges bc those are In rn, but maybe not bc I can’t see her doing them). The polls as a reference to the lunchtime survey she does in the movie, and advertisements for school events because it tracks & will give me an opportunity to flex my design skills. Veronica will also have a twitter, where ill post most quotes from the movie/musical & also likely some quips about current (“current”) events, and maybe school functions there too because why not. One thing I would like to do with Veronica, and maybe with the other two characters, is screen record/make a video of her posting & then archiving the posts of her and JD when he proves himself to be insane, but that not 100% yet.

Up next; JD (j_ason_dean on instagram). JD also has an instagram, but that won’t be the main focus for my final. The main focus for JD is Soundcloud and TikTok, which he uses instagram to promote. On Soundcloud, I’m going to remix songs from the musical // from different versions of the musical (if i can find them) so that its just JD singing, thus using my new audio skills and developing JD’s personality a little more, because i can kind of see him with a soundcloud, angsty musician vibes. I’m also considering trying to incorporate JD’s interest in explosives into the soundcloud, either as just explosions or as some kind of baseline/beat thing. even more exciting, however, is JD’s tiktok! As a tiktoker, JD is a stereotypical eboy. He specializes in POVs (a video of a fake scenario, could really be ANYTHING, but JD will mostly be “I’m Angry And Tough Grrr”- type tiktoks, with the occasion outfit/face flex.

And last but not least! Heather Chandler (h_eather_chandler on instagram)! Heather’s instagram is gonna be where I really put my photography skills to use (& i’m SO excited). Heather’s instagram is going to be almost ALL photos of her looking all pretty and feeling all Queen Bee. There’s this trend/vibe/thing on instagram where people do light edits of their photos, adding little clouds our color swatches or things like that to the photos, that I am going to do for some of Heather’s pics, as well as using the instagram filters and making sure to give Heather’s page an aesthetic, because her character would be Very Particular about having a cohesive page (not Veronica though). Heather, like JD, is a tiktoker, but her specialty is very much opposite JD’s. Heather’s tiktok is mostly dancing videos, well-edited get ready with mes (featuring, if i can master them, Cool Transitions), and whatever is a trend at the moment.

So as can probably be assumed, I’m going to be dressing up like (cosplaying, i suppose?) each of these people. I considered going All In on the video editing and just using movie clips and screenshots, but that wouldn’t work with my big big tiktok plans. I also considered doing a mix of both cosplay and photo editing, using movie screenshots for the photos and myself for the videos, but I don’t really vibe with the incohesiveness that goes with that. Additionally, Veronica’s instagram will let me flex my photo editing because the plan is dress up as Veronica but also as all of her friends (and as JD), and photoshop (well, actually gimp, but thats not the right verb) myself into the pic. The cosplay will probably be a little bit difficult because of the stay at home order, so i can’t go out thrifting and thus have to use what I have in my house, but i can make it work! Another thing I’ve been considering, but have not completely figured out yet, is how to really make this one coherent story. I’m currently debating two options. The first, a little less labor intensive, is just to make a Really Long post, telling the Heathers story and embedding each media as it comes up. My other, more difficult, idea is to create everything and then put it into a video. This i don’t like as much for a couple reasons. One: I was consistently Pretty Unhappy with what i created during video week, and I want this project to be a) good and b) something i am proud of. Two: even though i would still create and post all of the different medias on their respective platforms, having everything in a video kind of strips the uniqueness of each type and turns it into Media Soup, which i Don’t want.

So that’s where I’m at! Big Big plans, a Very Solid gameplan, and a LOT of enthusiam.

wahoowa! -liz

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One option for bringing it all together might be to make a subdomain for the project rather than one really long post, and then have the various media embedded or linked there. It could present itself as a character’s blog, or a school newspaper investigative report, or something else.
The idea of a JD Soundcloud reminds me he also played a high school pirate radio DJ in Pump Up the Volume. It’s a different character, but the same voice, so you might be able to borrow sound clips from it.

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