Weekly Summaries

didja miss me?

I’m flattering myself, i know. However, I did take a hiatus last week for to reorganize myself and try to better adjust to being at my home and not at school. Its not going horribly, but academically i’ve still got a ways to go. I’m hoping to sort myself out this weekend and come back V Strong, but this week, although better than my disappearance last week, certainly had a few bumps. I did three daily creates this week, all contained into one post for your convenience! they were all covid-19 themed, which is appropriate because that’s most of what i’m thinking about!

Up next were my video assignments, which left something to be desired, ill admit. The one that I personally think turned out the best is my Webkinz Fail Compilation, a video of some unfortunate plays on my part. Its simple, funny, and doesn’t have any chaotic and somewhat confusing audio, which is 10/10. You may notice the thumbnail is upside down. That is an artistic choice and I stand by that! This was a good video for me to start off video week with because it was, by far, the simplest. After cutting down my video to just the parts that i wanted to be included, it was just a matter of timing. I’m pretty happy with how this turned out, but Webkinz flops aren’t exactly dramatic or shocking.

From there, we move to my Webkinz Wins Compilation, which was much more of a pain to complete. For this video, I felt like each clip needed more context to be understood as a win, so its not as to-the-point as the fails video, which kind of upsets me, but that doesn’t kill it. What killed me for this video is the absolute chaos that was adding the audio. As i explained in my post, i chose an objectively not great method of narrating my gameplay, and I feel like you can really tell in the video.

And last but not least on the video front, a faux exercise video! this one was fun to film, but i ran into the same audio chaos with this video, unfortunately. However, as far as concept and where i wanted this video to go, this was my favorite assignment.

Video week in general was definitely not my shining point, but I tried and did the best I could under the circumstances, and I respect myself for that. Video editing is likely going to be the same as photo editing for me; get a better software and spend A Lot of time fiddling with it until I finally gain my confidence. Although I would love to get there, this week has made me realize my limitations, personal and geographical, that are just very not conducive to video production. With that in mind, I move to my renewed final project ideas, modified to reflect the fact that video production is Not My Jam at the current. Its more photography and design centric, and does have me excited to get cracking on the projects.

be careful, -liz

ps: post colors changed to refect what my hair is gonna look like once my bleach comes in!

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