So. Based on the things that i’ve been reflecting on and things i’ve learned (and also haven’t learned). I’ve realized that I dont really vibe with the idea of a video based final project. My video editing skills are lackluster at best, and its hard to get a Solid Uninterrupted period of quiet and quiet to film when there are 5 people & also 2 beagles in the house. This reflection led me to really consider where and when i was really enjoying myself the most, and that was during photography and design week. I really enjoy taking photos, setting up the shot and photo editing (now that i’ve got more of a handle on it), and turning it into a story and connecting photos and all that jazz. So this post is definitely more photography/design based, but I’m excited about it!

So I’ve still got corona on the brain, as I’m sure is the case for many people, so i’ve got a couple plans that are based off of that. first! a comparison of before & during coronavirus. This is a little bit broad and based a little bit off of all the covid memes. I think it could be cool to collect photos of different people, my friends, family, maybe even find public figures, and compare appearences before & then now that its started to Get Real. I know many people who are dying or cutting their hair (i have big big plans to do so) and I think that has potential to be a poignant, or as least visually interesting, project to work on. The other or additional direction this project could take on is the state of the world in general before and mid corona. This part would be a little bit more difficult what with the shelter in place, but I’m sure I could make it work/maybe it will be lifted by the time finals roll around (wishful thinking, i know). So there’s that!

I’ve also always been a little intrigued by stop motion film making, i think its super cool, and shelter in place could be a really good time to try it out. This would combine the control-ability i like of photography with the fun cool motion of video, and I really have just always wanted to try it. As for themes, my initial thought is, again, something about coronavirus— maybe a progression thus far, maybe a psa about staying home, maybe a tips and tricks for being quarantined— but it could also be 80s pretty easily, maybe recreate an iconic film scene but stop motion and with supplies i have in my house, maybe do something with music artists or broadway, who knows! but yeah, im into the idea of stop motion film because I don’t really vibe with regular film (and i think the editing would be a tad easier?).

Okay i did mention in my first idea post that I wanted to try an 80s recipe gourmet makes style video. I am less eager to do a claire saffitz style video given everything i’ve said thus far, but i do love gourmet makes and cooking and baking. I could try a one shot “hands and pans” style video, where i don’t have to worry about shots and can just speed up the audio to where i need it to be, and/or, like i said originally, do a long-winded accompanying blog post explaining my long history with this dish. I just love claire saffitz and think it could be super fun.

Okay last and also least. I downloaded TikTok. And I want to start making TikToks. So even though i don’t like video editing. I want to try tiktok and see how hard it is. And I think that has the potential to be really cool, if i do some kind of series relating to either the 80s or coronavirus? Bonus points for me if i can hop onto trends & maybe even learn a few dances? But this would definitely need more fleshing out as a concept and some practice with the tiktok software. I just think a series of tiktoks could be fun and cool!

woo! -liz

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