the disappearing lady!

tonights radio drama was a part urban legend part Anthropocene-ic investigation of a popular urban legend about a lady whose mother disappears from a hotel after having seen a doctor for some unknown illness. Not only was this a really interesting story, but the live-tweeting aspect of the radio show was super cool! I made a few Integral Contributions to the discussion like


however, it wasn’t all insightful contributions like these; I was, at many points between 830 and 930, quite confused, as illustrated by tweets such as this one!

In all seriousness, however, this was a really interesting and fun experience. Overall I really enjoyed hearing the different endings to the story and the implications and ins and outs of each one. I think it would have been even cooler if the narrator had been able to explore the female protagonist end of things. It was mentioned, but I’m Always Ready to hear more about ladies and their place/lack thereof in history. However, the anthropocene is also super interesting to me, like, the very concept is just Wild and Really Fun to explore. Tweeting along and interacting with my fellow ds106ers was so cool and i liked being able to bounce ideas and concepts off of one another. That being said, my personal contributions to the discussion were overwhelming more reactionary and invested in the story itself, rather than the aspects of its storytelling, which, although not horrific, is not ideal. Enfin, the disappearing woman and ds106 radio gets a 10/10 in my book!

retain your physical form! -liz

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