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in which i combine the 10 step photograph challenge with a sound effect challenge! I had a really good time with the 10-step photo challenge, and although i didn’t do any of the “walk around and record the sounds of your day,” I really wanted to, so this is my compromise! Starting in my backyard, I took 10 steps at a time (mostly), and every 10 (ish) steps, I took a photo and recorded a sound on my phone. I tried to vary the sounds as much as possible, but despite the wind noise I think I did pretty well! So here’s the collage:

And heres the audio (the numbers on the collage correspond to the order!)

so a quick transcription:

1: a photo of some branches & audio of me shaking them

2: a photo of my backyard fence and audio of me tapping on it

3: a photo of a tree trunk & audio of me knocking on it

4: a close up of a ladder & audio of me running a stick across the grooves

5: my dogs behind our fence & audio of me rattling it

6: a molehill in the playground & audio of the wind and me walkin

7: a dandelion! & audio of me picking [dead/flowerless] stems

8: my shadow & audio of me picking up and flinging mulch

9: my view while swinging & audio of me swinging

10: this weird m-shaped jungle gym thing & audio of me climbing down it

so I chose to mix these two assignments because I had A Ton of fun with the 10 step photo challenge the first time I did it & wanted to do it again, but also wanted to do one of those “found sounds” type projects, so i COMBINED the two! I’m super happy with the result. I think it would be really cool as some kind of slideshow/video, with the photos appearing and switching as the sounds change. I just really like photography and want to do more of it. I wish it was less windy out, so that the sounds were more clear, but that was out of my control. If i were to do this again i think i would try to be a little bit more creative with my sounds, but there were a lot of loud buzzy bugs out and i was kind of afraid. overall 10/10 recommend tho!

:D, -liz

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