reflection time baybee

week one of radio show fun is over and done! I’m super excited to get writing and recording everything, because i’m really happy with our groups concept. We decided to go with an analysation of media that was created in different time periods, but all of which are set in the 80s. which gives me an excuse to talk about 1984 by George Orwell, which is THRILLING. I read 1984 one time and go absolutely bonkers. Overall, im pretty happy with our progress this week. We settled on an overarching theme, and each of us has our specific piece chosen. Although i’m happy with our concept, i am a little bit worried on making sure it seems like a cohesive radio show. We are planning on fighting this with consistent music and a STELLAR introduction and conclusion, but its something we are going to have to be very careful in planning and watching out for. As I mentioned earlier, I’m going to be talking about George Orwell’s perception of the eighties, which I’m almost certain is going to be ridiculously different from all of the other perceptions, for Orwell was mad pressed about totalitarianism and the growth of technology stripping the rights of man away. But it will certainly make for an Interesting comparison! As for the plans for next week, we’re gonna keep working mostly individually, with intermittent updates on progress & theme work so that we can start on that aforementioned stellar conclusion. I have high high hopes for our radio show, and i’m Certain we will deliver!

go team! -liz

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