graphic design is my passion

so the general vibe that i got from the readings and articles & my minor rabbit-holing is that less tends to be more, and that good designs tends to be somewhat timeless. And I understand this and the appeals of this, especially for brands trying to build brand recognition, but it kind of goes against the everything about me. my personal style & aesthetic tends to be pretty “throw A Lot of things together and have enough confidence to make it work” I like colorful things, i like patterns (i’ve even started to appreciate a little pattern mixing here and there), and there’s very little about me and the things i create that shoot for “simple” or “timeless”. i like stuff. the way i speak and the songs i listen to vary by the month, sometimes even by the week. and although all of this is not explicitly design related, it all feeds into my being and thus into my approach to design. All this said, i certainly don’t completely reject all of the tips that i’ve learned, because i recognize that some of my attempts at design are, in a word, bad. my desire for stuff and interest and much often does not translate well into designing things. As the brainpickings article put it “complexity has to be very carefully managed or it becomes chaos”. I go for complexity, and end up with chaos.

Thus, i really like the tips concerning how to make a design interesting without going crazy going stupid, like using negative &/or white space. the font rules were interesting to read about too, the sizing guidelines and the idea that its less about finding the exact perfect font and more about making the font work for your purposes using formatting and all that fun stuff. Additionally, i like how chaos and asymetricality are not completely written off as Bad Design, and are recognized to have a time & a place & that they can be useful and good when used well and correctly.

like I said earlier, i do recognize the importance of timelessness for brand designs & brand recognition, but I kind of don’t see why its as necessary for all other types of design//for design as a whole (as it is implied to be in the Vignelli booklet). why not go with the current fashions or with funky new ideas and cool things. what really made me Feel Contrarian to the point of timelessness was the push to use primary shapes and primary colors. that plus the use of first person plural made it feel very much like the author was telling what to think which I Do Not Appreciate. I also might be letting my passion for things and much get the best of me, but restricting myself to the colors red yellow and blue and a square (even though thats a hyperbole) seems neither efficient for design purposes or any fun at all.

but maybe thats just me? -liz

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