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my last reflection post ever

WILD time really do be flying when youre having fun. Meaningless platitudes aside, i really cannot believe this is it. This class, although a lot of work, has been such an overwhelming positive experience for me. I’ve gained skills i literally never thought i would have and realized that this kind of techy creative stuff isn’t as intimidating as I had always mad it out to be [see: gif making]. But anyways! the final project! that was a thing! I’m gonna start by going through it media type by media type because that sounds the most straightforward.

Photography! So photography and photo editing REALLY grew on me over the course of this course [hehe], so i wasn’t really too worried with this one. What i did not anticipate, however, was how much i did not want to photograph myself at all points this week, which was terribly unfortunate because that was a big big part of what i had to do. I got over it though, and the photos got taken. I started out by gathering & styling clothing in each of the characters colors [veronica=blue, heather=red, jd=black]. Then I found a place with okay-ish [i was aiming for good but unfortunately did not get there] lighting and a solid background [for editing purposes]. I did some posing and some timer selfies, and then transferred those lovely photos onto my laptop for one last run with my good friend gimp. On gimp, I added an alpha channel to each layer, fuzzy-selected the background, & then deleted it [because its all one color and contiguous so i can just click it away, i’ve learned SO MUCH yall]. Once it was just individual people floating around, I took photos from my personal collection to use as background. I also discovered you can copy/paste different sections of the photo to cover up things you don’t want in it, which is a ridicuously clever feature. I also did some photo editing on picsart, an app that a lot of Clever Fancy instagrammers use for casual photo editing, for some of Heathers photos, which was surprisingly fun and I may or may not [i haven’t decided yet] use that for my own pics. Once I had all of the photos looking the way i wanted them to, I added them to the respective accounts. As far as captioning went, I tried as hard as i could for as many as possible to be obvious lines from the musical [while also still feeling relevant and not outdated] or, if not the musical, be a little bit meta with some movie references.

Still a part of the visual category, i wanna talk a little about the design of each page. Veronica’s page is meant to be reflective of the fact that even though she is a part of the popular crowd, a heather, she is also a pretty well-rounded student who is Kind of Nerdy [this is shown in the movie through her involvement with the yearbook and her relationship with/kindness towards Betty Finn]. JD’s page is meant to be very “i’m too cool for this and i’m angsty so its gonna be in all grayscale” [which is also reflected in the photos of him on Veronica’s page], and Heather Chandler’s is meant to be very instagram model-y and wannabe influencer.

The next category I’m going to call design. The design portion of this final was low key my favorite, which was a little bit of a shocker to me. The design portion was the different surveys and advertisements found pinned on Veronica’s instagram page. I just had a really good time desigining cute advertisements for fake events, and making little instagram stories asking fake questions. part of what appealed to be was also the fact that i could do the fun cute editing stuff, but it wasn’t of my face over and over again. So this part was a really good time, although I definitely wish I could have come up with a better way to showcase it. My reasoning with the video was that puttig each individual post/poster up on a post would have taken up too much space and been stupidly klunky, and i stand by that, but i do wish there was some Other Way [and i’m sure there is but homegirl couldn’t find it].

up next! audio! this one was also really fun. For this, I took two versions of two different songs starring JD and mixed them together so that it was one song and the JDs were singing together, in hopes of acheiving a sort of harmonizing with himself vocal effect [which i think i got?]. This was fun because it was relatively simple audio editing; I did a lot of adding of white space to make sure the jds were singing together, but the end result was really really fun. I did cut out a few different parts so that it was more “this is a song” and less “this is a musical number” and i’m unsure of how well i made the distinction. regardless, the end result was really fun and i’m kind of super proud. unfortunately soundcloud did not want this to exist in their space [which i suppose i respect, because copyright law is a thing] but made putting this on the internet much more difficult. After the initial takedown, i figured maybe i just needed to list more of the artists, maybe soundcloud would accept it then, more artist credit & whatnot. That did not work : (. Next idea was to put it on youtube, but i was afraid the same thing would happen, for youtube is also a little notorious for copyright strictness. After youtube was vimeo, which i recalled hearing was a little looser with that sort of thing. So far it hasn’t been taken down so fingers crossed it will stay that way! So JD’s stuff isn’t actually on spotify, which is a bummer, but it is on the interet and also is really cool, so imma take the win and run.

which takes me to video. I tried my hand at tiktok. that was a TIME. As i mentioned in the photography section, i was not vibing with photographic proof of my existence this week, so finding the motivation to make these tiktoks was HARD. But that got made! apologies for the explicit-ness in JD’s the audio just tracked with the vibe i wanted and i thought it was kinda funny so i used it. gotta keep myself entertained somehow! All of jd’s tiktoks are in black and white, because thats his aesthetic and i was not about to change that, and theyre a mix of pov and Too Cool For This tiktok, which is what a friend and i decided his tiktok vibe would be. I tried [mayhaps unsuccessfully] to reference JD’s plans to blow up the school in one of the tiktoks, but again, not sure how clearly that came across. Heather’s tiktoks were a little more fun to make [fun fact: i own very little red clothing], proabably because my personal aesthetic and vibe is very much not Black and White Filter and Am Cool, so at least as Heather i had color. I really liked the dancing video, which i chose for a multitude of reasons but the most important of which are: its a popular dance and Heather follows trends & its one of like 2 popular tiktok dances that i felt comfortable doing and posting for a Graded Final project. The other tiktok i did for heather, the one with all the outfits, was really fun and i really enjoyed playing with and trying to master all the transitions. I wish I could have figured out a way to better line up outfit switches and audio bass drops/focal points, but as a tiktok newbie i’m pretty happy.

Last and shortest— but not least!— writing. The only reason i’m bringing this up is because I’m kind of unhappy with how the writing flows. I’m not really sure who the speaking voice is exactly, my bones want it to be one of the three I was talking about, but it definitely reads more as an innocent bystander/average high school student. Additionally, I was hoping it would be of a cohesive story and less of an infodump, but i did bring it back around with Veronica and JD breaking up [that was a fun part to write, and a fun video to make, defintely one of the top three videos i made] so by no means am i Completely Unhappy with it, just a few V Noticeable improvement spots. But thats what this is all about then huh. improvement! and on that note, i sign off for the final time.

thanks for everything; this has been an amazing course!


Weekly Summaries

f i n a l countdown!

get it? bc its the final project & also the final weeks of ds106 [ 🙁 ] ! Anyways! my big big plans! So lately ive been kind of struggling with the 80s theme, even though its super big and broad & i have a lot of room to incorporate my personal interests. But nonetheless, ive been struggling. So for the final, i’ve decided to base it around a topic ive used before (many times, in fact) Heathers! Hopefully my dear classmates and professor aren’t sick and tired of it already, bc here we go again! I’m super excited though, Heathers is just such a fun realm to work in and i cannot WAIT to really get going on this. [as that previous statement applies, this week was So Much for me, so i was only really able to do Big Planning]. But i do in fact have big big plans.

So part of my inspiration for this was actually one of the ds106 radio shows; the one about what the 80s would have been like if there was social media. It was also inspired by my recent realization that i really like running instagram accounts, and want to play around with social media more. & that, combined with heathers, birthed an idea! I’m going to make social media accounts for three of the main characters in Heathers— Veronica, JD, and Heather Chandler (red)! I’m s o excited, and will below outline my thoughts and vibes for each character.

First up; Veronica Sawyer (v_eronica_sawyer on instagram!). Veronica’s instagram is going to look like a typical high school seniors. That sounds like a cop-out but I do have more thoughts i promise! Her instagram is mostly photos of her and her friends hanging out, with a few photos of her and JD as well. On her instagram story, I’m going to add a couple polls & advertisement type things for school functions (and maybe some insta challenges bc those are In rn, but maybe not bc I can’t see her doing them). The polls as a reference to the lunchtime survey she does in the movie, and advertisements for school events because it tracks & will give me an opportunity to flex my design skills. Veronica will also have a twitter, where ill post most quotes from the movie/musical & also likely some quips about current (“current”) events, and maybe school functions there too because why not. One thing I would like to do with Veronica, and maybe with the other two characters, is screen record/make a video of her posting & then archiving the posts of her and JD when he proves himself to be insane, but that not 100% yet.

Up next; JD (j_ason_dean on instagram). JD also has an instagram, but that won’t be the main focus for my final. The main focus for JD is Soundcloud and TikTok, which he uses instagram to promote. On Soundcloud, I’m going to remix songs from the musical // from different versions of the musical (if i can find them) so that its just JD singing, thus using my new audio skills and developing JD’s personality a little more, because i can kind of see him with a soundcloud, angsty musician vibes. I’m also considering trying to incorporate JD’s interest in explosives into the soundcloud, either as just explosions or as some kind of baseline/beat thing. even more exciting, however, is JD’s tiktok! As a tiktoker, JD is a stereotypical eboy. He specializes in POVs (a video of a fake scenario, could really be ANYTHING, but JD will mostly be “I’m Angry And Tough Grrr”- type tiktoks, with the occasion outfit/face flex.

And last but not least! Heather Chandler (h_eather_chandler on instagram)! Heather’s instagram is gonna be where I really put my photography skills to use (& i’m SO excited). Heather’s instagram is going to be almost ALL photos of her looking all pretty and feeling all Queen Bee. There’s this trend/vibe/thing on instagram where people do light edits of their photos, adding little clouds our color swatches or things like that to the photos, that I am going to do for some of Heather’s pics, as well as using the instagram filters and making sure to give Heather’s page an aesthetic, because her character would be Very Particular about having a cohesive page (not Veronica though). Heather, like JD, is a tiktoker, but her specialty is very much opposite JD’s. Heather’s tiktok is mostly dancing videos, well-edited get ready with mes (featuring, if i can master them, Cool Transitions), and whatever is a trend at the moment.

So as can probably be assumed, I’m going to be dressing up like (cosplaying, i suppose?) each of these people. I considered going All In on the video editing and just using movie clips and screenshots, but that wouldn’t work with my big big tiktok plans. I also considered doing a mix of both cosplay and photo editing, using movie screenshots for the photos and myself for the videos, but I don’t really vibe with the incohesiveness that goes with that. Additionally, Veronica’s instagram will let me flex my photo editing because the plan is dress up as Veronica but also as all of her friends (and as JD), and photoshop (well, actually gimp, but thats not the right verb) myself into the pic. The cosplay will probably be a little bit difficult because of the stay at home order, so i can’t go out thrifting and thus have to use what I have in my house, but i can make it work! Another thing I’ve been considering, but have not completely figured out yet, is how to really make this one coherent story. I’m currently debating two options. The first, a little less labor intensive, is just to make a Really Long post, telling the Heathers story and embedding each media as it comes up. My other, more difficult, idea is to create everything and then put it into a video. This i don’t like as much for a couple reasons. One: I was consistently Pretty Unhappy with what i created during video week, and I want this project to be a) good and b) something i am proud of. Two: even though i would still create and post all of the different medias on their respective platforms, having everything in a video kind of strips the uniqueness of each type and turns it into Media Soup, which i Don’t want.

So that’s where I’m at! Big Big plans, a Very Solid gameplan, and a LOT of enthusiam.

wahoowa! -liz

Weekly Summaries

on the twelfth week of ds106

my professor gave to me! a bunch of mash-up and remix assignments that were a lot more fun than i expected them to be! and some daily creates, which can be found here!

so the two remix assignments i did were this one, where i faked an old-timey photo featuring a sidekick (my lovely beagle sadie), and this one, where i added some helvetica ds106 adverts to stupid photos. both of these were super fun and i really like photographs and photograph design. I mentioned this in my first remix assignment, but gimp has really grown on me! i did not like it At All and avoided it at all costs near the beginning of the semester, but its kind of a vibe now that i have a better idea of how to work it. I’m slowly learning what each tool does, every once in a while i pick up a hot tip on why something is or isnt working, its a blast! I just think thats a really fun personal progression (hell, i even made my own photography assignment because i didn’t like photo editing!). The helvetica assignment was fun because i got to dredge up some of my underused photos (underused because they’re not aesthetic & cute (except the frog one which is both aesthetic and cute)). I like wordplay and pun type things, so this whole goofy combination was a win for me.

As for the mashup assignments, the first one i did also used gimp, and was probably my best and most holistic use of the software in ever. Obviously i didn’t use all of the buttons and doodads and she is not perfect, but i used a lot more buttons and doodads and it just looks so cool and fun and funky and yeaeh 10/10 very pleased (and its 80s themed!). Nothing looks too out of place, which i think is another big part of what i’m proud of.

And last but not least! a riveting texting masterpiece! i’m kind of a sucker for these on snapchat, a guilty pleasure sort of thing so it was super cool to create my own. I think my favorite bit and the bit im most proud of is about halfway through when the pov texter keeps rewriting her message. the way it conveys her feelings and thoughts and stuff im just real proud of myself for figurin out. also an overuse of emojis because i feel like thats something that would have happened in the 80s if texting was a thing.

and scene! -liz

Weekly Summaries

didja miss me?

I’m flattering myself, i know. However, I did take a hiatus last week for to reorganize myself and try to better adjust to being at my home and not at school. Its not going horribly, but academically i’ve still got a ways to go. I’m hoping to sort myself out this weekend and come back V Strong, but this week, although better than my disappearance last week, certainly had a few bumps. I did three daily creates this week, all contained into one post for your convenience! they were all covid-19 themed, which is appropriate because that’s most of what i’m thinking about!

Up next were my video assignments, which left something to be desired, ill admit. The one that I personally think turned out the best is my Webkinz Fail Compilation, a video of some unfortunate plays on my part. Its simple, funny, and doesn’t have any chaotic and somewhat confusing audio, which is 10/10. You may notice the thumbnail is upside down. That is an artistic choice and I stand by that! This was a good video for me to start off video week with because it was, by far, the simplest. After cutting down my video to just the parts that i wanted to be included, it was just a matter of timing. I’m pretty happy with how this turned out, but Webkinz flops aren’t exactly dramatic or shocking.

From there, we move to my Webkinz Wins Compilation, which was much more of a pain to complete. For this video, I felt like each clip needed more context to be understood as a win, so its not as to-the-point as the fails video, which kind of upsets me, but that doesn’t kill it. What killed me for this video is the absolute chaos that was adding the audio. As i explained in my post, i chose an objectively not great method of narrating my gameplay, and I feel like you can really tell in the video.

And last but not least on the video front, a faux exercise video! this one was fun to film, but i ran into the same audio chaos with this video, unfortunately. However, as far as concept and where i wanted this video to go, this was my favorite assignment.

Video week in general was definitely not my shining point, but I tried and did the best I could under the circumstances, and I respect myself for that. Video editing is likely going to be the same as photo editing for me; get a better software and spend A Lot of time fiddling with it until I finally gain my confidence. Although I would love to get there, this week has made me realize my limitations, personal and geographical, that are just very not conducive to video production. With that in mind, I move to my renewed final project ideas, modified to reflect the fact that video production is Not My Jam at the current. Its more photography and design centric, and does have me excited to get cracking on the projects.

be careful, -liz

ps: post colors changed to refect what my hair is gonna look like once my bleach comes in!

Weekly Summaries

week nine sure did shine!

woo! summary post! all of the things i did this week! like a buncha daily creates! found all together in one convenient location! here! but thats not all folks!

billy mayes GIF

I also tied them all together into a story! also featured in the story are daily created from past weeks, a few posts, and some Information! its quite the story, definitely worth the read, i promise! This was really fun, and i enjoyed trying to incorporate as many different pieces as possible. I kind of cheaped out on the ending, but it was also a little bit purposeful, I didn’t want to completey copy my inspo story. I also just get this weird satisfaction from making hyperlinks, so doing so Multiple Times was just. A really good time! I learned that I kind of have a brand with my posts, but it was cool to be able to give the Story As a Whole a Very Different vibe from the individual posts.

Also this week was the radio shows! Check out my full thoughts! but overall they were super good and definitely a LOT of inspo for any future audio assignments I do.

mickey mouse radio GIF

Also! Bigger project ideas! I’m kind of very excited for the Longer Project type vibes, and I’m really pleased with the few ideas I came up with, so good vibes so far. Also, unincluded in the compilation but soemthing with photography, maybe remaking iconic 80s photographs? or something similar? because I really like takin pics!

Photography GIF

And last but not least! my remakes! The first thing I did was completely remake a project from about a month ago that I was S u p e r unhappy with, and it turned out so much better than the original I’m THRILLED. this remake was a lesson in taking enough time to do things, and not being too committed to an idea if its not going well, and trusting my gut. It was also a cool benchmark in the progress i’ve made with photo editing software, which was FUN and cool! i’m still by no means great, but I knew how to change the font this time around so theres progress!

And my other remake was more of a remix. I took what is probably one of my top 5 favorite assignments, the 10 step photo challenge, and combined it with the “found sound” type assignment that i never got the chance to do. This was fun because FUSION, but also because I got to do one of my fav assignment AGAIN! The remix was really cool because I got to put my own spin on it and work on my audio editing skills as well as my collage making skills.

get dirty go wash, liz

Weekly Summaries

week eight! i’m too tired to make a cute pun! woo!

the summary post! So heres my groups final radio show product!

This was a really fun project, and i did enjoy, but its timing (& my own personal procrastination and business) was not conducive to me getting it done in a reasonable manner. thats okay tho i’m gonna come back better than ever next week yall aint even ready for how un-procrastination i’m gonna be! BUT back to the show! check here for my thoughts & reflections on the process! This was a true test of my editing abilities for a few reasons. one) I had to edit out a bunch of white noise from my own recordings, which actually isn’t too hard but sometimes i think edits out the bass in my voice a little? not sure. two) did a lot of amplifying so that all of our people are speaking at a similar volume & the audience is playing volume roulette. three) doing all of this from the Very Poor Reception Zone that is my room. four) finally deciding its worth it to move downstairs to get good wifi. One thing that i do heavy regret is my complete falling off of the ball in regards to time management. I’m pretty sure I’m the only group member who is going to have the radio show embedded into a post, which is because i did not have the editing done until approximately half an hour ago (1130pm 3/13/20). So uhh, thats on me, sincerest apologies for that :/. guilt aside, this project was so much fun, the collaboration, the 1984 by george orwell, the education, the talkin bout the eighties, just such a good time. I also cannot wait to hear all the rest of the radio shows! i think they’re gonna be great & i’m so excited!

& don’t fret! i also did daily creates this week! theyre in, you guessed it, a masterpost! check ’em out! you’ll get to see a(n edited) photo of my dog’s first time at the beach! & my mad art skillz!

get some rest friends! -liz

Weekly Summaries

& thats a wrap on week 7!

the ever-awaited summary post! so this week had the unfortunate luck to be right between a trip to philadelphia i took with a friend (which was delightful and so much fun!) & spring break (so eagerly awaited for so many weeks). Thus, motivation this week was at an all-time low, unfortunately enough. I was able to get everything done, but not the extent or quality that i was hoping to. we start out, like always, with my daily create masterpost! the daily creates this week were a lot of fun, i got to talk about taylor swift & my DOG, which are both such GOOD content i heavy recommend them both.

next, i made an advertisement for my group’s radio show! I’m super happy with how it turned out & i love flexing my design skills. It was a really nice change in creative pace for me; usually i go for colorful and pleasant and pretty, and although its certainly a Masterpiece, i wouldn’t, by any means, call it pleasant. All this to say, you should certainly check it out!

My assignments this week are all very-much 1984 themed, which was on purpose, in preparation for my bit of the radio show next week! the first one i completed was a dramatic reading of Winston’s diary! this was really really fun & i was able to be dramatic and angsty without having to come up with the feelings myself! additionally, Winston makes some really good points in his diary that i found it important to reflect on. up next on the assignment train was the analyzation of a poem thats an integral part of the novel and that holds some surprising meaning to it! finally, i chose one of the most important moments of Winston’s life, and explained it in just under two minutes. What i really liked about these assignments was that it refamiliarized me with the novel, and allowed me to further digest all of the important bits that i’m gonna wanna bring up next week. Additionally, i really like how my voice sounds in all of these, which is an Lovely Change from how recording these things usually goes!

& to finish off the week, a little reflection & whats yet to come regarding the ds106 group radio show! (entitled the eighties through space-time!) which is gonna be a SMACK show & i can’t wait for people to be able to listen to it!

have a lovely spring break! -liz

Weekly Summaries

week six? full of tricks!

week 6 summary post! there are a lot more words that rhyme with six than i thought; like still not a ton, but more than i expected!

we are six girl power GIF by Official London Theatre

Throughout the week, i was on the lookout for different elements of design, which i found and compiled here for your convenience! This was really cool because it forced me to open my eyes and see the world around me in a funky fresh new way, which is totally appreciated! It also gave me a little bit of design inspo for my assignments! mostly just in the sense of “oh yeah symmetry is a thing i can and should use”, but nonetheless!

being honest, the daily creates this week werent my favorite, but i did get to post a really pretty picture i took of some flowers, so thats a win! check ’em out here though!

As for assignments, I’m kind of very proud of my work this week! first and foremost, I conquered gimp!! I started off the week with an assignment that called to, essentially, edit myself from a previous photo into a funky fresh new situation! check out the full post (& my celebrations on conquering gimp) here, but i’ll save you the click if youre just interested in my MASTERPIECE!

overall, this was a really fun assignment and i am stupid proud of myself for an actually not half bad work of gimp editing. It was definitely a lot of googling, but it all ended up being things i can (& did) do! also i just really like the final image, i like the contrast between the man who knows how to tightrope walk (even though i doubt he was legitimately high up) & me clinging for life to the rope. It makes me happy.

next assignment! 80s themed! not just 80s, but also Heathers themed! The goal was to make a simplified movie poster that still encompasses the gist of the film. this one was super fun because its essentially a better version of the very first assignment i ever did for ds106 (a point i elaborate on in the write-up)

I’m ridiculously happy with this one, another successful use of gimp & i just really like heathers and how to blue contrasts with the dullness of the background colors and blah blah blah check out my post for the non-abridged gushing!

Next assignment, straightfoward but fun and funky and 80s themed! i took part of the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun music video and gif-ed it!

Animated GIF

I liked this one because i had no idea it was so easy to gif things! so now i can make gifs whenever i want and i’m not sure i should have that kind of power. like legitmately i thought trying to gif things that weren’t my own recording was Very Difficult and essentially Impossible so learning i can just. Do it. Is SO COOL.

and last but CERTAINLY not least for assignments was this one, where i made a poster out of a quote/motto that i like!

this was the not minimalist version of the poster, and my personal favorite. I also made a minimal version, which is the same thing just sans the flowers and animals (because that was the assignment parameters) so if you wanna see that one, go check out the post!

the assignments i chose for this week were overwhelming a Really Good Time, and I’m super happy with everything I made and am even more happy about finally finding my footing with gimp! after doing the assigned readings, i learned that my personal design preferences & tastes are a little bit Niche and Funky, but that wasn’t exactly surprising given the everything about me! I’m just gonna run with it! if your interested in figuring out exactly what i’m talking about, check out my design reflection post!

get rekt, liz

Weekly Summaries

week freaking 5!

it almost rhymes! would you call that a slant rhyme? unsure, i disgaree with and hate slant rhymes as a concept so i’m probably not the best judge. anywho ds106! this week was full of totally rocking daily creates that you can find right here!

In order to orient myself to audio storytelling as a concept, I then listened to the videos, as well as to the Moon Grafitti podcast. Overall this was so so cool and i really like podcasts (any recs?), but for my full thoughts and feelings go check out my post!

the next thing i tackled was the radio show brainstorming ideas, because i was thinking about 1984 by George Orwell and that was best way to incorporate it into my ds106 life. I finally finished 1984 and jimminy christmas 10/10 but also Am A Little Afraid. 1984 wasn’t the only thing I talk about though i promise! don’t believe me? the radio show seems like its gonna be a lot of fun, and i look forward to working on it and seeing what we come up with!

speaking of radio shows! one of our other assignments was to listen to and tweet along with ds106 radio. I did this on thursday, but i’m kind of devastated i didn’t do it earlier because it was so much fun! i really enjoyed hearing everyone’s thoughts all at once, the hullabaloo was super appealing, but thats kinda just my entire personality 🙂 this was such a cool one, a really interesting mix of suspense and Analysis which i really respect.

and now onto my assignments. ill be honest, my time management this week was Through The Floor, and that is reflected a little bit in my assignments (it also could be because of unfamiliarity with audacity, but good time management could have easily negated that at least a little bit). But oh well, all weeks can’t be amazing weeks. I started out with the sound effects story. I really enjoyed looking through and listening to the different sounds, but the editing them together was certainly less fun. It got done though! Trying to create an ooky spooky vibe was cool and fun, and a nice mild departure from my usual modus oporandi of fluffy cute happy (which is a lovely and wonderful aesthetic that i am not dissing at all!)

There was my ds106 radio bumper, which was cute and fun and straightfoward and overall turned out pretty well. Although its within the guidelines, it is a little short, but I just wasn’t sure what else to fill the time with. Since it could be used for Any Show, it felt unnecessary to add my name. I am pleased with my little catchphrase bit at the end tho!

The next assignment I did was probably my favorite. I had to leave a voicemail for a fictional character, so I decided to take some creative liscense with the Les Miserables musical (which was came out on Broadway in various places in the 1980s) and leave a voicemail for the lovely Marius Pontmercy. This was super fun because I got to incorporate little easter eggs from musical AND it wasn’t huge heavy difficult editing, which i Love To See.

Finally, the third assignment I went with was one in which i needed to have a phone conversation with myself! This was cute and fun, but I wish I would have figured out how to incorporate more content. Its a very surface level conversation, about romantic pursuits and hangout plans, which is a valid conversation that people do have, but I think I certainly could have improved it by adding more Substance to the discussion.

Playing around with Audacity was really fun, and coming up with different dialogues and plotlines was a good time, but there were a few setbacks. The biggest thing I struggled with this week was that I rely very heavily on body language and body/arm gestures to communicate my meaning. In day to day speech, I often dramatically pause while waving my arms about in order to illustrate some sort of point, and it works very well in person. With only audio, however, I can’t just have 6 seconds of silence and expect audiences to understand what I’m trying to communicate (because I wouldn’t be communicating anything). Additionally, the vocal booth is in the audio editing lab, in which there were often people chilling and editing audios, so I had to not only listen to my own voice, but I had to grapple with the fact that other people whom I do not know could also hear me yelling about how marius isn’t dating a prostitute (or whatever I was recording at the time). Fingers crossed I don’t mess up my time management as badly next week and here’s to hoping those people don’t think im crazy.

happy valentines! -liz

Weekly Summaries

whaddaweek (week 4 over & done!)

Jimminy CHRISTMAS this was a heck of a week. Just. A roller coaster.

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As always, my masterpost of daily creates is up! The three I did this week were the photo captioning one, the fairytale one, and the whale one. Check em out!

I started off the week really strong, reflecting on my photography skills and practices, and in the process realizing that I want to take more artsier photos. I then studied some photographs from real photographers in the 80s, for inspiration and for technical tips and tricks. Even though I’m a sucker for color, the more subdued, even black and white in some cases, of those photos was super neat-looking, and definitely an aesthetic I’m looking forward to exploring a little more.

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Still riding a high of productivity, I then accomplished the 20 minute photoblitz, which was I had a really really good time with. Check out my post about it here! This was a fun way to start off my week of photography because it forced me to not stand in the same place for 5 minutes taking one photo- there simply wasn’t time- but still allowed me to take a few photos per prompt. A sort of hannah montana best of both world situation! Additionally, the prompts challenged me and were good inspiration for some fancy schmancy photos!

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The first assignment I completed was a 10 step collage challenge, check it out here, but essentially I started at a point and then took 1 photo every 10 steps and turned it into a collage. I think this lays claim to the second favorite thing I did this week. It was a challenge to find a photo every 10 steps, because 10 is a lot less than I though it was. This assignment made me use functions on my camera I don’t normally use (the square photo taker, the flash even tho it was light enough, etc) and made me think about environment more (because I usually just think about the people in a photo bc i’m super people-centric). But it was just SUCH a cool end result and it made feel all artsy and creative which was

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The next post was really fun because it featured MY DOG, Sadie, who, if you haven’t heard, I love with all my soul. This one was relatively straight-forward, create a collage in her honor, which meant I got to look at pictures of my dog for the duration of this post which was just SO ideal! The biggest struggle with this assignment was grappling with how much I miss her, which is a lot! And, of course, choosing her best angles, because shes a beautiful sweetheart and I wanted to encapsulate that. I just- look at her- look at that face,,, !

Now this next assignment. Not my best work. Not my favorite work. At that point in the week I was kind of stupid overwhelmed and just generally Stressed with Many Things on my mind, but it got done! I struggled with choosing a quote and then formatting the quote on my photo, and also struggled with choosing a photo, and it was just one kneecap after another. And the fact that it was Way Too Late At Night probably did not help with my spirits. Focusing on some positives, I really like Rent, and the quote genuinely is a lovely line from the AMAZING song La Vie Bohème, which you should CERTAINLY listen to. pls.

la vie boheme GIF by Rent the Musical

This next assignment though, this one made it all worth it. I created my own assignment!!! I had been experimenting with panoramas throughout the week within the other assignments and had seen this really cool photography hack on instagram where people put themselves in photos multiple times using the pano function, and had wanted to do that for THE LONGEST TIME. Thus. After many trials and errors and successes and not-as-successes, I got a few really good cloning panoramas and decided to turn it into a (three star, visual) assignment!! Since I was the creator of the assignment, I decided to ban the use of any and all editing software because I don’t like it. In seriousness, however, the use of editing software kind of negates the point of having to speedrun to new positions without creating some kind of horrific humanoid monster in the middle of your photo, so there is a legitmate reasoning to the ban outside of just I’m petty. aNwHo, I’m so proud of myself and of the photos, they were a blast to make and by far the favorite thing I did this week. So ummmm. do my assignment. its fun I promise. This assignment really made me think on my feet, running from one pose to the next while the pano is still being taken doesn’t leave much room for overthinking, and this style of phototaking lends itself to some really fun digital stories!

my humble first attempt!

And finally, last but not least, a redemption shot at editing photos! I decided to this assignment partially because I only needed 1 more star of assignments, but also partially because it spoke to me as a nice way to get my editing chops up to par. Structured, basic, doable. And those things it was! This assignment allowed me to be creative and express myself, but doing so using only the most basic of editing processes, which is exactly what I needed. This assignment gave me some confidence back and made me not give up completely on photo editing as a concept. So yee haw for that I suppose!

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thx for sticking around! -liz