Weekly Summaries

week six? full of tricks!

week 6 summary post! there are a lot more words that rhyme with six than i thought; like still not a ton, but more than i expected!

we are six girl power GIF by Official London Theatre

Throughout the week, i was on the lookout for different elements of design, which i found and compiled here for your convenience! This was really cool because it forced me to open my eyes and see the world around me in a funky fresh new way, which is totally appreciated! It also gave me a little bit of design inspo for my assignments! mostly just in the sense of “oh yeah symmetry is a thing i can and should use”, but nonetheless!

being honest, the daily creates this week werent my favorite, but i did get to post a really pretty picture i took of some flowers, so thats a win! check ’em out here though!

As for assignments, I’m kind of very proud of my work this week! first and foremost, I conquered gimp!! I started off the week with an assignment that called to, essentially, edit myself from a previous photo into a funky fresh new situation! check out the full post (& my celebrations on conquering gimp) here, but i’ll save you the click if youre just interested in my MASTERPIECE!

overall, this was a really fun assignment and i am stupid proud of myself for an actually not half bad work of gimp editing. It was definitely a lot of googling, but it all ended up being things i can (& did) do! also i just really like the final image, i like the contrast between the man who knows how to tightrope walk (even though i doubt he was legitimately high up) & me clinging for life to the rope. It makes me happy.

next assignment! 80s themed! not just 80s, but also Heathers themed! The goal was to make a simplified movie poster that still encompasses the gist of the film. this one was super fun because its essentially a better version of the very first assignment i ever did for ds106 (a point i elaborate on in the write-up)

I’m ridiculously happy with this one, another successful use of gimp & i just really like heathers and how to blue contrasts with the dullness of the background colors and blah blah blah check out my post for the non-abridged gushing!

Next assignment, straightfoward but fun and funky and 80s themed! i took part of the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun music video and gif-ed it!

Animated GIF

I liked this one because i had no idea it was so easy to gif things! so now i can make gifs whenever i want and i’m not sure i should have that kind of power. like legitmately i thought trying to gif things that weren’t my own recording was Very Difficult and essentially Impossible so learning i can just. Do it. Is SO COOL.

and last but CERTAINLY not least for assignments was this one, where i made a poster out of a quote/motto that i like!

this was the not minimalist version of the poster, and my personal favorite. I also made a minimal version, which is the same thing just sans the flowers and animals (because that was the assignment parameters) so if you wanna see that one, go check out the post!

the assignments i chose for this week were overwhelming a Really Good Time, and I’m super happy with everything I made and am even more happy about finally finding my footing with gimp! after doing the assigned readings, i learned that my personal design preferences & tastes are a little bit Niche and Funky, but that wasn’t exactly surprising given the everything about me! I’m just gonna run with it! if your interested in figuring out exactly what i’m talking about, check out my design reflection post!

get rekt, liz

Weekly Summaries

week freaking 5!

it almost rhymes! would you call that a slant rhyme? unsure, i disgaree with and hate slant rhymes as a concept so i’m probably not the best judge. anywho ds106! this week was full of totally rocking daily creates that you can find right here!

In order to orient myself to audio storytelling as a concept, I then listened to the videos, as well as to the Moon Grafitti podcast. Overall this was so so cool and i really like podcasts (any recs?), but for my full thoughts and feelings go check out my post!

the next thing i tackled was the radio show brainstorming ideas, because i was thinking about 1984 by George Orwell and that was best way to incorporate it into my ds106 life. I finally finished 1984 and jimminy christmas 10/10 but also Am A Little Afraid. 1984 wasn’t the only thing I talk about though i promise! don’t believe me? the radio show seems like its gonna be a lot of fun, and i look forward to working on it and seeing what we come up with!

speaking of radio shows! one of our other assignments was to listen to and tweet along with ds106 radio. I did this on thursday, but i’m kind of devastated i didn’t do it earlier because it was so much fun! i really enjoyed hearing everyone’s thoughts all at once, the hullabaloo was super appealing, but thats kinda just my entire personality 🙂 this was such a cool one, a really interesting mix of suspense and Analysis which i really respect.

and now onto my assignments. ill be honest, my time management this week was Through The Floor, and that is reflected a little bit in my assignments (it also could be because of unfamiliarity with audacity, but good time management could have easily negated that at least a little bit). But oh well, all weeks can’t be amazing weeks. I started out with the sound effects story. I really enjoyed looking through and listening to the different sounds, but the editing them together was certainly less fun. It got done though! Trying to create an ooky spooky vibe was cool and fun, and a nice mild departure from my usual modus oporandi of fluffy cute happy (which is a lovely and wonderful aesthetic that i am not dissing at all!)

There was my ds106 radio bumper, which was cute and fun and straightfoward and overall turned out pretty well. Although its within the guidelines, it is a little short, but I just wasn’t sure what else to fill the time with. Since it could be used for Any Show, it felt unnecessary to add my name. I am pleased with my little catchphrase bit at the end tho!

The next assignment I did was probably my favorite. I had to leave a voicemail for a fictional character, so I decided to take some creative liscense with the Les Miserables musical (which was came out on Broadway in various places in the 1980s) and leave a voicemail for the lovely Marius Pontmercy. This was super fun because I got to incorporate little easter eggs from musical AND it wasn’t huge heavy difficult editing, which i Love To See.

Finally, the third assignment I went with was one in which i needed to have a phone conversation with myself! This was cute and fun, but I wish I would have figured out how to incorporate more content. Its a very surface level conversation, about romantic pursuits and hangout plans, which is a valid conversation that people do have, but I think I certainly could have improved it by adding more Substance to the discussion.

Playing around with Audacity was really fun, and coming up with different dialogues and plotlines was a good time, but there were a few setbacks. The biggest thing I struggled with this week was that I rely very heavily on body language and body/arm gestures to communicate my meaning. In day to day speech, I often dramatically pause while waving my arms about in order to illustrate some sort of point, and it works very well in person. With only audio, however, I can’t just have 6 seconds of silence and expect audiences to understand what I’m trying to communicate (because I wouldn’t be communicating anything). Additionally, the vocal booth is in the audio editing lab, in which there were often people chilling and editing audios, so I had to not only listen to my own voice, but I had to grapple with the fact that other people whom I do not know could also hear me yelling about how marius isn’t dating a prostitute (or whatever I was recording at the time). Fingers crossed I don’t mess up my time management as badly next week and here’s to hoping those people don’t think im crazy.

happy valentines! -liz

Weekly Summaries

whaddaweek (week 4 over & done!)

Jimminy CHRISTMAS this was a heck of a week. Just. A roller coaster.

scared roller coaster GIF

As always, my masterpost of daily creates is up! The three I did this week were the photo captioning one, the fairytale one, and the whale one. Check em out!

I started off the week really strong, reflecting on my photography skills and practices, and in the process realizing that I want to take more artsier photos. I then studied some photographs from real photographers in the 80s, for inspiration and for technical tips and tricks. Even though I’m a sucker for color, the more subdued, even black and white in some cases, of those photos was super neat-looking, and definitely an aesthetic I’m looking forward to exploring a little more.

photography GIF

Still riding a high of productivity, I then accomplished the 20 minute photoblitz, which was I had a really really good time with. Check out my post about it here! This was a fun way to start off my week of photography because it forced me to not stand in the same place for 5 minutes taking one photo- there simply wasn’t time- but still allowed me to take a few photos per prompt. A sort of hannah montana best of both world situation! Additionally, the prompts challenged me and were good inspiration for some fancy schmancy photos!

miley cyrus GIF

The first assignment I completed was a 10 step collage challenge, check it out here, but essentially I started at a point and then took 1 photo every 10 steps and turned it into a collage. I think this lays claim to the second favorite thing I did this week. It was a challenge to find a photo every 10 steps, because 10 is a lot less than I though it was. This assignment made me use functions on my camera I don’t normally use (the square photo taker, the flash even tho it was light enough, etc) and made me think about environment more (because I usually just think about the people in a photo bc i’m super people-centric). But it was just SUCH a cool end result and it made feel all artsy and creative which was

grate GIF

The next post was really fun because it featured MY DOG, Sadie, who, if you haven’t heard, I love with all my soul. This one was relatively straight-forward, create a collage in her honor, which meant I got to look at pictures of my dog for the duration of this post which was just SO ideal! The biggest struggle with this assignment was grappling with how much I miss her, which is a lot! And, of course, choosing her best angles, because shes a beautiful sweetheart and I wanted to encapsulate that. I just- look at her- look at that face,,, !

Now this next assignment. Not my best work. Not my favorite work. At that point in the week I was kind of stupid overwhelmed and just generally Stressed with Many Things on my mind, but it got done! I struggled with choosing a quote and then formatting the quote on my photo, and also struggled with choosing a photo, and it was just one kneecap after another. And the fact that it was Way Too Late At Night probably did not help with my spirits. Focusing on some positives, I really like Rent, and the quote genuinely is a lovely line from the AMAZING song La Vie Bohème, which you should CERTAINLY listen to. pls.

la vie boheme GIF by Rent the Musical

This next assignment though, this one made it all worth it. I created my own assignment!!! I had been experimenting with panoramas throughout the week within the other assignments and had seen this really cool photography hack on instagram where people put themselves in photos multiple times using the pano function, and had wanted to do that for THE LONGEST TIME. Thus. After many trials and errors and successes and not-as-successes, I got a few really good cloning panoramas and decided to turn it into a (three star, visual) assignment!! Since I was the creator of the assignment, I decided to ban the use of any and all editing software because I don’t like it. In seriousness, however, the use of editing software kind of negates the point of having to speedrun to new positions without creating some kind of horrific humanoid monster in the middle of your photo, so there is a legitmate reasoning to the ban outside of just I’m petty. aNwHo, I’m so proud of myself and of the photos, they were a blast to make and by far the favorite thing I did this week. So ummmm. do my assignment. its fun I promise. This assignment really made me think on my feet, running from one pose to the next while the pano is still being taken doesn’t leave much room for overthinking, and this style of phototaking lends itself to some really fun digital stories!

my humble first attempt!

And finally, last but not least, a redemption shot at editing photos! I decided to this assignment partially because I only needed 1 more star of assignments, but also partially because it spoke to me as a nice way to get my editing chops up to par. Structured, basic, doable. And those things it was! This assignment allowed me to be creative and express myself, but doing so using only the most basic of editing processes, which is exactly what I needed. This assignment gave me some confidence back and made me not give up completely on photo editing as a concept. So yee haw for that I suppose!

Old Town Road Dancing GIF by Lil Nas X

thx for sticking around! -liz

Weekly Summaries

oh no! week 3’s over already!

fret not mes amis, we still have plenty of ds106 left! i had such a good time this week, mostly because i’ve been really into writing things lately, especially poetry. The daily creates this week were so much fun, def check out all my masterpieces on my daily create masterpost! i especially enjoyed the memoir one, because it combined writing, sentimentality, and very basic photoediting skills and i ended up with a product im super happy with (seriously, check it out!). i struggled a little bit with how to get the words to show up, but then figured out how to add the pink block behind it. best of both worlds!

happy dog GIF by The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

as for an 80s movie, i ended up watching Clue the Movie, which i kind of chose randomly. it was certainly an experience, ill say that much. in my chit chat think about a story post, i tried to cover the specific aspects of its storytelling, and even followed in Vonnegut’s footsteps and graphed its plot! i am not a huge fan, but i think i might be biased against comedies. Check out my review, watch the movie, lemme know! am i being a snob? im just not sure. the critics kind of agree with me, but its their job to be snobby, sooooooo . . .

awkward chris pratt GIF

then came my assignments! 12 and 1/2 points from the writing category! i had a lot of fun with these, especially the compilation story ones- this one, where i had to make a story from old newspaper headlines and this one, where i had to make a poem from Twilight Zone titles. theyre both Masterpieces ofc, but i think i prefer my Twilight Zone poem because i’m a sucker for cheesy things and romanticist cliches.

i see what you did there jake gyllenhaal GIF

what a convenient transition! because one of the other writing assignments i did was explain the origin of my blog name! within the post, i decided to embrace the influence part of me- remember, i have two (2) subscribers on the YouTube- and tried a little bit of clickbait! i think i’m hilarious. so, curious about why i’m romanticist cliche? find out why, here!

I also rewrote the ending of the subpar Clue movie! although i did have a good time with this one, i had to work within the parameters that the first hour and 10 minutes of the movie set up, which was not ideal (because it was subpar). this worked very well with the setup of the movie for reasons that i will not elaborate on for spoilers reasons (what am i talking about? find out!)

feelings explain GIF

and finally! more poetry! not poetry i wrote myself tho! this final assignment was to talk about a quote you like, so i chose one from my all-time favorite poet and explained why i love it so much! that was great because i love talking about the things that make me happy and that quote is just for certain a thing that makes me happy!

zootopia GIF

overall, i’m really happy with how this week went. since it was more about writing, i didn’t have to think about technology or power through any technical difficulties; it was all creativity bby! had a few fun chats about my posts & common interests (namely: poetry and newspapers), and just a rlly good time.

au revoir -liz

Weekly Summaries

two weeks down!

wow! two weeks over already! time flies when youre having fun i suppose! this week, i decided to focus my 80’s theme on the movie Heathers. I chose Heathers because its just such an interesting film, lot of dark humor and gore. There’s a lot to unpack!

Image result for now we don't have time to unpack all of that

The first assignment I did can be found here! I used a random word generator that generated words that cannot be translated into English and made an image to define it better.

And this is what I came up with! I chose this poster because it really emphasizes all three Heathers; they take up half of the poster! Seeing as naamgenoot means people who have the same name, this emphasis is Very Important. This was my first time using Gimp, so there was definitely a bit of a learning curve, I tend to be a little bit slow on the pickup, but I sludged through and eventually came up with a product that I’m quite happy with. As I showed in my original post, I started out much more abstract, but very quickly realized that I would need to be more explicit, because I am attempting to actually define a word.

Up next on the assignment train was my Heathers Buzzfeed quiz! This was really fun to make for a few reasons. One of those reasons is that I had to really think in order to not Heavily Insult about 20% of the people that ever take my quiz. That is to say, some of the characters don’t have a lot of redeeming qualities, so finding some was a challenge. I did enjoy playing around with wording, trying to figure out how exactly each character would phrase something before putting it down as an answer. The biggest trouble with this assignment was the fact that I couldn’t get the quiz to actually embed into WordPress, so I had stick with linking it.The only other thing that I really struggled with on this assignment was the decision whether or not to trigger warn about how I was going to mention some darker things. I ended up going with yes, because I couldn’t really lose unless I decided against it, but that was less about ds106 and more about my own stresses and overthinkings. anYWHo! As dark as it is, I do really like Heathers, especially the musical.

winona ryder heathers GIF

My final assignment was, tragically, not Heathers themed. For this one, I had to write a story, and then rewrite it using only the 1000 most common words in the English language. There was an editing website that yells at you when you use rare words, so I didn’t have to memorize any word lists or anything! Here’s a quote from my edited story!

A big bad happening, they said, could not have been stopped, had hit the big round land ball. And there were only 30 humans left in the entire star and big land ball place.”

Sounds thrilling, right? Trust me its all uphill from there! This one was pretty smooth sailing the entire time, which was certainly welcome after a Long Week, and it was just a really nice opportunity to play around and make something fun. My title, although simple, conveys the vibe of the second story pretty well. Vague, but to-the-point!

The last notable creations of this week were my daily creates, which I put into one mega-post! These were really fun, and the only thing that I truly struggled with was making sure to stop myself and not aim for complete and utter perfection. However, I did do a pretty good job at that and thus was able to actually enjoy myself! I especially enjoyed the haiku one, because it allowed me to get mad nostalgic, and the map one, because I got to play with colored pencils!

until next time! – liz

Weekly Summaries

week 1? check!

This is my weekly summary for the first week of ds106, which went by smoothly for the most part, but certainly with a little bit of a learning curve. I definitely got more confident and excited for the course as I worked through the assignments, going from overwhelmed and anxious to ridiculously excited and having a grand time. The first thing I did was create my website, which went pretty smoothly- at least it did once I realized I was not supposed to use! I didn’t purchase anything, thankfully, just sat at my desk, confused, until I decided to reread the assignment’s details. Getting creative with my ds106 subdomain and making it look all cute was a nice way to ease into the process; it gave me some confidence in my ability to do the things this class requires. Its definitely a little bit cheesy, but that suits my personality and I’m really happy with they way it turned out.

After my subdomain was up and running, I decided to create my accounts, which went even more smoothly than the website formation! I created the twitter first, then the instagram, then youtube, then soundcloud. Creating the accounts was the easy part though. My twitter post was relatively trouble-free; however, I did have to force myself a little bit more concise than I usually am.

But not to fear! Because there is no character limit the other platforms! After Twitter, I took to Instagram, because it was the one I was most familiar with, and captioned a little bit more elaboration- still pretty basic, “I’m excited and am a student” type stuff- and paired it with a photo of myself that’s a pretty good representation of me but toned-down; I have a huge affinity for silk flowers and LOVE craft stores, but am not usually as ~chill~ as that photo makes me seem. Regardless, a lovely photo and a good pictoral introduction to me!

After my instagram post, I realized it was time to finally face Youtube, the platform I had been dreading. Not only did it require some kind of editing skills, but I would have to record myself and hear my own voice, and although I generally have good self-confidence, that just ain’t it chief. I was planning on filming my video in my dorm, but was unable to because my roommate was hanging out with a friend in the dorm. Reluctantly, I set off to the HCC, hoping to find an empty room where nobody would see me. I ended up in a conference-type room in the basement floor, with GLASS WALLS. I was mad pressed, but powered through for the sake of ds106!

There was nowhere to hide!

Fortunately, once I started filming I realized just how much FUN it was. It was absolutely brilliant, playing around with my “set” and tweaking my “lines”, I had so much fun that I completely forgot all of my insecurities. While filming the first part of my video, I did a “take”, and was pretty pleased with it, but wanted to do one more to see if I could get it any better. So I stopped the camera, reset my props, and went through the process one more time- only to realize that I never restarted the camera. So I re-watched the take I did have and decided it was Good Enough (not just because I was lazy, I did legitimately like it!). I did all of the filming on my phone, and all the footage was pretty high quality, but I ran into trouble exporting it onto my computer, which is actually the problem I was Least expecting to run into. I spent about an hour trying to figure out what was up, plugging my phone into my laptop to do it that way- to no avail-; trying to email the footage as an attachment- to no avail-; downloading the OneDrive app on my phone to modify the video file type- to no avail. I was definitely mad frustrated, but I finally ended up getting the video onto my computer using some kind of icloud option in my email. Honestly I’m not really sure what it was, but it got the footage to my computer so I was not about to question it. I used the editing software that came pre-downloaded onto my computer, which, although quite basic, got the job done, and ended up with a video that I am Ridiculously proud of. I had so much fun making it, and I really think it captured most of the essence of who I am. So I sent it to my entire family and my close friends. For validation. Which I received. Because it is a brilliant video!!

I think it is important to note that I currently have one (1) subscriber, and it’s my mother! Who made a gmail account solely to subscribe to my channel! Which is positively lovely! Validation aside, making the video was actually way more fun than I thought it was going to be, so now I high key want to make more, which I will likely be doing! So that was a fun outcome of ds106 week one!

My final introduction was on SoundCloud, where I decided to spice up my intoductions by sharing my current favorite words. The main theme of my favorite words is those that are fun to say, like “wahoo” and “bonkers.” The SoundCloud intro was easier than I thought it would be, simply a matter of saying everything correctly and not butchering word order!

After the introductions (and the mega-intro blog post that you can find here: )

came the reflection on 80’s pop culture. My mind, after the initial vibes of Big Hair and Flashy Neon, goes immediately to Broadway shows, and then to the AIDS crisis, so I tried to figure out how I could connect all of those together. I think my thoughts on 80’s pop culture were a little bit too serious, I focused more on the underlying chaos and issues than on the culture itself, but once I started, I couldn’t- and didn’t want to- stop. It began with the realization that the big hair neon stereotype was so pervasive that it seemed to be hiding something, trying desperately to seem normal and to mask underlying chaos and horrific things happening. The film I watched, Night of the Comet, was a super interesting supplement to my thoughts. The whole “last 4 people on earth because everyone else is either dead or a zombie” plot of the movie certainly contributed and supported my thesis of “there was some underlying ANGST in the 80’s that The Man ™ does not want us to think about”. Another super interesting tidbit was the transition of Regina from a strong, independent female character, who holds all of the records on the theatre video game and who was ready to shoot anybody who threatened her, into a very stereotypical housewife and mother figure. That transition, and given that the ending is a “happy ending”, implies some interesting things about the role of women (see: they need to be mothers and also to have a Strong Male Figure), which would track, because cultures in chaos tend to revert to more traditional gender roles and ways of thinking. You can read all about it here!

Overall, week one of ds106 has got me mad pumped for the rest of the course. I really enjoy the creative outlet and the way it has (already) forced me to hone my problem-solving skills. I’m really hope to learn more video editing skills, maybe download some better software with more features, but am definitely also excited for all the other aspects of ds106. The 80’s pop culture theme is going to be fun to work with, and hopefully I will find a better balance of serious and lighthearted moving forward. Until next week!


an important ps! as of submitting this weekly summary i have two (2) subscribers! the new addition is one of the close friends I sent the video to! i’m on my way to full-fledged influencer!