one of me just isn’t enough

yall. i made my own assignment.

My assignment? A three star, visual assignment that utilizes only a smartphone and ZERO editing software because I don’t like editing photos. So y’all have probably seen this around, but with the iphone (and probs other smartphone) cameras, you can take panoramas, right? and if you play your cards right, you can insert yourself into the photo MULTIPLE TIMES. So thats my submitted assignment. Take a panorama photo and with yourself (or a friend) in it at least twice, but the more the merrier!

I decided to give my assignment 3 stars because it took me a HOT minute to figure it out and even once I knew how to do it technically, getting the shot right was Difficult.

So, like I said, it took me a HOT minute to figure out how to actually do this, so the first 7 or so photos I took look a little something like this:

or this:

or, my personal favorite, this:

But, after a creative rest and some research (check out this website for some Good Instructions), I finally got the hang of it and came out with some Really Good photos. The one that shows the most technical skill is probably this boy,

But this, one, even though its not as impressive technically has an element of storytelling to it!

And one more, because its Good Quality and I can insert a meaning into it!

This photo symbolizes the dichotomy of humankind, a dichotomy found even within individual persons (as showcased!) (I’m mostly joking).

So how did I do it? WELL. First, you get inspired by some insta post about this very subject and try figure it out without research and end up with a bunch of photos like the first three. Then you cave and do actual research. So the real process is to start you panorama at point A, then have the photographer pan until the subject is out of frame. Then, the subject run around the photographer (so as not to be in the frame) and stands Very Still right before the photographer pans to point B. Alternatively the subject of the photo can just kind of. Run to the next point without avoiding the photographer and sometimes it still works out fine! For this assignment, it’s really a practice makes perfect scenario, so don’t get discouraged and try out different techniques and strategies!

This was SO COOL and such a Brilliant Assignment (which I am saying from a completely unbiased and objective place). In all sincerity, however, I did have a really good time with this assignment; messing around with stories and techniques to make the panos look good and losing my absolute mind over the ones that didn’t turn out as good was just SUCH a good time. I definitely struggled before I knew how to do it, but that just shows the power of research! . Overall i’m stupid proud of all of my panos, even and low key especially, the ones that aren’t technically perfect. in conclusion. yall pls do my assignment im so proud of myself and it really is a fun one!

be good to yourself, -liz