photo editing redemption!

my redemption post! the other editing project- linked here if you really wanna see it- I did I ended up being Super Unhappy with. So, I decided to go a little bit more structured for my redemption, go easy on myself to build up confidence. And although the perfectionist in me is still a little bit unhappy with it but overall I am pleased with how it worked out. Alors voila!

Another post brought to you by 80s pop culture! I was gonna go with a “the floor is lava” type vibe, but defining the 80s by what it didn’t do actually proved to be a pretty difficult task; one that I, unfortunately, was unable to accomplish. All’s well that end’s well though! And honestly, I think this speech bubble does better encapsulate the vibe of the assignment, which was to form a more speech-like vibe onto a photo you’ve taken previously with niche/funky body language.

This assignment was a pretty simple one; find a photo where your body is giving off very specific vibes and then speech bubble yourself to match the vibes. I chose this photo because its one of the few in which I’m not just straight grinning, because the everything about me just loves to be smiling. From there, I googled “text bubble” and found this image:

I put the image onto GIMP and then cropped and erased the background until it was just the blue bubble solo. The I added my original photo and got confused about why my speech bubble was showing up. Onto google. “how to layer images in gimp”. Then I figured it out, resolved the issue (I had them in the wrong order), and added my text! Once all the elements were in place, I hid the text and photo and did some final cleaning up of the text bubble (which was only moderately successful and the main reason I’m mildly unhappy with the result).

Overall I think this is a cute assignment, not too hard, and I really good reintroduction to GIMP for me. I’m still by no means a master, but I harnessed the power of the internet and figured out some especially technically challenging things- like how to change the font of the text! In all seriousness I did figure some new things out and ended up with a lovely layered image showing some lovely 80’s pop culture!

dont stop till you get enough, -liz