ft the goodest girl

I love my dog. So much. She’s such a good girl and I love her with all my soul shes so photogenic and really really cute and thus I just HAD to do this visual assignment (make a collage of a pet/animal) in her honor! She’s a rescue, former VT research animal (lab dog) and so shes stupid timid, but she loves me and I’m her favorite and I just. love my dog. Have you picked up on that?

Voila the finished product!

Shes so photogenic! gorgeous! For this project, I scanned through my snapchat and camera roll for pictures of her, which were Abundant, and then compiled all onto this website in order to make a collage (I’m really vibing with collages this week lol). Pretty straightforward! The one thing that I sort of struggled with is formatting the pictures so that they’re centered and all look nice, and making sure the layout and sizes of each is funky fresh and interesting to look at. My favorite photo here is the bottom center one, shes just SO cute and she had turned out around to look at me and it was positively delightful.

send me dog pics -liz