photo editing redemption!

my redemption post! the other editing project- linked here if you really wanna see it- I did I ended up being Super Unhappy with. So, I decided to go a little bit more structured for my redemption, go easy on myself to build up confidence. And although the perfectionist in me is still a little bit unhappy with it but overall I am pleased with how it worked out. Alors voila!

Another post brought to you by 80s pop culture! I was gonna go with a “the floor is lava” type vibe, but defining the 80s by what it didn’t do actually proved to be a pretty difficult task; one that I, unfortunately, was unable to accomplish. All’s well that end’s well though! And honestly, I think this speech bubble does better encapsulate the vibe of the assignment, which was to form a more speech-like vibe onto a photo you’ve taken previously with niche/funky body language.

This assignment was a pretty simple one; find a photo where your body is giving off very specific vibes and then speech bubble yourself to match the vibes. I chose this photo because its one of the few in which I’m not just straight grinning, because the everything about me just loves to be smiling. From there, I googled “text bubble” and found this image:

I put the image onto GIMP and then cropped and erased the background until it was just the blue bubble solo. The I added my original photo and got confused about why my speech bubble was showing up. Onto google. “how to layer images in gimp”. Then I figured it out, resolved the issue (I had them in the wrong order), and added my text! Once all the elements were in place, I hid the text and photo and did some final cleaning up of the text bubble (which was only moderately successful and the main reason I’m mildly unhappy with the result).

Overall I think this is a cute assignment, not too hard, and I really good reintroduction to GIMP for me. I’m still by no means a master, but I harnessed the power of the internet and figured out some especially technically challenging things- like how to change the font of the text! In all seriousness I did figure some new things out and ended up with a lovely layered image showing some lovely 80’s pop culture!

dont stop till you get enough, -liz


one of me just isn’t enough

yall. i made my own assignment.

My assignment? A three star, visual assignment that utilizes only a smartphone and ZERO editing software because I don’t like editing photos. So y’all have probably seen this around, but with the iphone (and probs other smartphone) cameras, you can take panoramas, right? and if you play your cards right, you can insert yourself into the photo MULTIPLE TIMES. So thats my submitted assignment. Take a panorama photo and with yourself (or a friend) in it at least twice, but the more the merrier!

I decided to give my assignment 3 stars because it took me a HOT minute to figure it out and even once I knew how to do it technically, getting the shot right was Difficult.

So, like I said, it took me a HOT minute to figure out how to actually do this, so the first 7 or so photos I took look a little something like this:

or this:

or, my personal favorite, this:

But, after a creative rest and some research (check out this website for some Good Instructions), I finally got the hang of it and came out with some Really Good photos. The one that shows the most technical skill is probably this boy,

But this, one, even though its not as impressive technically has an element of storytelling to it!

And one more, because its Good Quality and I can insert a meaning into it!

This photo symbolizes the dichotomy of humankind, a dichotomy found even within individual persons (as showcased!) (I’m mostly joking).

So how did I do it? WELL. First, you get inspired by some insta post about this very subject and try figure it out without research and end up with a bunch of photos like the first three. Then you cave and do actual research. So the real process is to start you panorama at point A, then have the photographer pan until the subject is out of frame. Then, the subject run around the photographer (so as not to be in the frame) and stands Very Still right before the photographer pans to point B. Alternatively the subject of the photo can just kind of. Run to the next point without avoiding the photographer and sometimes it still works out fine! For this assignment, it’s really a practice makes perfect scenario, so don’t get discouraged and try out different techniques and strategies!

This was SO COOL and such a Brilliant Assignment (which I am saying from a completely unbiased and objective place). In all sincerity, however, I did have a really good time with this assignment; messing around with stories and techniques to make the panos look good and losing my absolute mind over the ones that didn’t turn out as good was just SUCH a good time. I definitely struggled before I knew how to do it, but that just shows the power of research! . Overall i’m stupid proud of all of my panos, even and low key especially, the ones that aren’t technically perfect. in conclusion. yall pls do my assignment im so proud of myself and it really is a fun one!

be good to yourself, -liz


to yoga, to yogurt, to rice and beans and cheese

I really like Rent– the musical, not the economic thing. It’s set in Christmas of 1989 (yes I know I’m pushing it but it counts!). My favorite song from Rent is “La Vie Bohème”, a group number with all the main characters singing about anything and everything and life as an artist in New York. Its an amazing song and even better if you watch the choreography with it (interested? check it out!). This song has a lot of iconic quotes, some more pg than others- the title of this post being one of the pg lines. My favorite quote from Rent, however, is the line “to being an us for once, instead of a them”. This (two star, visual) assignment was to pick out a quote that stands out to us and pair it with a photo that fits with the vibe. And in all her glory, here is the final form.

So umm. I love this photo; just a pic of my friends and I hanging out and enjoying each others company (being an us!). And I love this quote; its sweet and cute and promotes some nice community and inclusion (which is 10/10)


I kind of hate the end result.

Like, I am certainly just being dramatic because I am tired and otherwise stressed, but I legitimately just do not really like how this came out, but I’m not skilled enough at photo editing to make it better. I’m also not exactly sure what I specifically dislike about it. I think my issue might be how clearly edited in the words look, and the red color that I chose to be the background for the words feels out of place with the rest of the photo. However, I’m just having trouble grasping how to use all the tools and also how to paint using colors that aren’t already in my photograph (hence the weird color choice). I am going to do some basic research and training this weekend to try and figure out at least the basics, but for now this will have to do.

However, there are a few things that I do like about it. For example, I think this quote and photo go really well together. The quote, to me at least, is all about being together and close and supporting one another, rather than tearing each other down; and this photo, of me and my close friends, shows us doing exactly that. Additionally, “La Vie Bohème” is a really funky-good and fun song, and the events surrounding this- nothing sketch, just hanging out!- were very much funky-good and fun. I like the look of the smears of color behind the words, I just wish it looked more professional.

As for how I created this piece, relatively straightforward. Thought about quotes I liked, scanned through my apple notes app note of Good Quotes, and then remembered the existence of Rent, the musical set in the late 1980s. From there it was just a matter of pinning down the meaning of the quote in my mind and choosing the right photo. I put the photo into GIMP, struggled with colors, decided to save the research for another time bc its been a Trying Week, and then added the quote and background color.

viva la vie bohème -liz


ft the goodest girl

I love my dog. So much. She’s such a good girl and I love her with all my soul shes so photogenic and really really cute and thus I just HAD to do this visual assignment (make a collage of a pet/animal) in her honor! She’s a rescue, former VT research animal (lab dog) and so shes stupid timid, but she loves me and I’m her favorite and I just. love my dog. Have you picked up on that?

Voila the finished product!

Shes so photogenic! gorgeous! For this project, I scanned through my snapchat and camera roll for pictures of her, which were Abundant, and then compiled all onto this website in order to make a collage (I’m really vibing with collages this week lol). Pretty straightforward! The one thing that I sort of struggled with is formatting the pictures so that they’re centered and all look nice, and making sure the layout and sizes of each is funky fresh and interesting to look at. My favorite photo here is the bottom center one, shes just SO cute and she had turned out around to look at me and it was positively delightful.

send me dog pics -liz


and i would walk 500 miles

The goal of this (3 star, visual) assignment was to walk around taking a photo every 10 steps, and then make a collage out of the photos you got. I took a little ~creative license~ with the regulations (i.e. 10 steps is not very many so sometimes it was more like 12-13) but ds106 is all about creativity so I think it’s valid! This assignment was a really really fun one because it forced me to think outside the box- because 10 steps is not a lot and I wasn’t trying to take the same photo 10 times. I’m not vibing with putting all of the individual photos in here, so I’m just going to stick with the collage- which has all the photos in it so its fine! et voila!

This looks really really cool and I’m high key ridiculously proud of it! I’m really happy with how all the colors look, and I think the collage as a whole came together tremendously well! I mostly just took normal photos, but did ~spice it up~ for a few photos. I used flash for the gold heart photo in an attempt to show how shiny it was, which I sort of accomplished. The flash also had the side effect of making the background floor look all dark and cool. I also used flash for the photo with the drain thing (bottom left) and, combined with the forced perspective to make it look big, and ended up with a really neat secret tunnel type vibe which I’m super proud of.

I’m kind of upset that I couldn’t get the suspended rock photo (leftmost center) to focus, but I will admit that the blurriness is kind of a cool vibe, even if it doesn’t really mesh with the clear cut style of the rest of photos.

Out of all of the photos I took, I think my favorite is the one all the way left with the abundance of rocks. Something about all the colors and shapes just really ~speaks to me~. Closely behind it is my drain tunnel pic. My least favorite is the photo of the staircase from above. Its a little off center on all sides which makes it look just the slightest bit ~bad~, and the staircase just looks kind of dirty, which is unideal on all accounts.

In order to actually create this assignment, I took my starting point (the door with the golden hearts), took my photo, and then took about 10 steps to the fire alarm, took a photo, rinse and repeat about 8 times/until I ran out of interesting things to photograph. Then I went to this website and chose a layout and added photos! and voila! a lovely little collage!

keep moving forward! -liz

keep moving forward teen titans GIF

important ps: thoughts and feelings on this movie?


heather, heather, heather (and veronica !)

That’s quite the mouthful, isn’t it? If only there was a shorter, more efficient way to refer to the three of those ladies who all have the same name! Well fear not, my fellow classmates! Such a word does, in fact, exist! The goal of the (visual) assignment I completed today was to use this non-translatable word generator to choose a word from a different language that does not translate into English, and then insert that word into an image that better defines it. Interested? Check out the original assignment bank post here!

My word was “naamgenoot”, which is Dutch for “people who share the same name.” The image I selected stemmed from the fact that I had recently watched the 1989 Heathers movie, and have been a big fan of the soundtrack for a while now (its “Big Fun” amiright?), so the moment this word popped on the screen, my brain was filled with echos of “♪ Heather, Heather, Heather, and someone♪” on loop. However, I decided to table the musical for the sake of sticking more accurately to our 80’s theme. The final product ended up looking like this:

and I am pretty pleased with how it turned out, although I do wish I could have figured out how to recreate the gradient sort of look (any ideas?). It definitely takes a little bit of somewhat niche knowledge (or at least that’s what my mother said when I showed her), but I think once the plot of Heathers– heck, once the names of those three lovely ladies down the side are revealed (I’ll give you a hint: its Heather!)- the meaning of “naamgenoot” becomes pretty clear. To create this, I started out with the 1989 Heathers movie poster.

thx for the inspo poster New World Pictures!

I then opened it up on Gimp (Photoshop but free!) and started editing the photo. First, I color dropped the navy blue and painted over the orange letters that were on the navy blue chalkboard thing. Then I did the same thing with the parts of the background that were black. From there, I chose a font that looked similar to the one in the 1989 poster, and bing bang boom, she was complete! However, this was not the first iteration of my Heathers-but-make-it-naamgenoot poster. This was.

Come on, doesn’t that just scream “people who have the same name” to you? To explain myself, I was attempting to mimic the colors each Heather wears, and was going to add some croquet mallets (which I was originally spelling “crochet”) to give a more abstract feel. I actually spent upwards of an hour and a half trying to make this idea work, without fruition. It probably didn’t help that this was my first time ever using Gimp (or any software similar to it). But all’s well that ends well!

Dance Love GIF by Lisa Vertudaches - Find & Share on GIPHY

Overall, I really liked the way the over-the-top 80’s style and aesthetic meets underlying crisis that I was referring to in my earlier post (this one!) in the movie Heathers. Heathers does contrast to the other 80’s media I’ve noted in that the strong independent female protagonist does Not end up a mellow mother/housewife (*ahem* Regina from Night of the Comet). To me, this piece highlights the way each Heather in the film is essentially interchangeable. When one falls, another will take her place and everything will remain exactly as it were. To the world, they are the exact same person, and this word is a convenient way to lump them all together while sounding scholarly, rather than just straight-up rude.