a remix assignment! the base assignment was a pretty straightforward one, choose a photo (specifically a bad one) and then write something in helvetica font. The remixed version had me turn it into a ds-106 advertisement! Since it was so straightforward, I decided to make a couple because I was having fun and enjoy lookin through my photos (even the Lower Quality ones). So heres the first one I made

featuring a photo of a frog in a puddle on a trail i was walking after dark with a few friends. I l o v e frogs and also love putting spaces between letters for e m p h a s i s, so i think this one was my favorite. I also made these though, which were terribly fun as well!

i had a little bit of trouble with the font color on this photo, because the floor is black and white, but i think it turned out well nonetheless.

really takin the bad photo instruction to heart, i think i took this photo to send to my mom while i was still on campus. (im not joking tho, mug ramen is really good. second only to ramen you make in a pan bc you don’t have a pot on campus)

and last but not least, this squirrel! i love squirrels and am really proud of this photo, despite it being a literal trash can with a squirrel sitting on top. I think its the green of the grass.

So my original plan for this was to add the text in gimp, but gimp didn’t have helvetica :(. So, i problem solved! i copied each image into a word document, then added the text in a colorless, outline-less textbook and moved it where i wanted the words to appear! after i was happy with the formatting, i screenshotted the photo into a seperate word document where i then saved the image along. a little bit long winded, but it worked! this was super fun, and encapsulates most of my feeling about ds-106, that its intimidating at first, but a lot of fun and totally worth it (and i got to do photography, which is

Chefs Kiss GIF by Nick Jonas

keep calm & ds106, -liz


dream team

my first remix assignment! since we could remix whatever assignments we wanted, I got to walk it back to my favorite media, photography & visual stuff! So I decided to remix this assignment, which said to take a photo and make it look all stiff and old-timey. The first remix that popped up said to add a sidekick, which is super fun, so I decided to go with it! And my sidekick, obviously, just h a d to be my beagle Sadie, so I leashed her up and took her into our backyard for a quick photoshoot. Before doing that, however, I got myself a little bit dressed up to better fit the part of the stuffy, old person in the very beginning of photography. I also tied a scarf I have around Sadie’s neck so that she fit the part of my stuffy beagle sidekick. This was super fun because a) i love my dog and b) I like dressing up! just good good vibes all around. So without further ado, here’s the final product!

This went surprisingly smoothly! Sadie isn’t usually one to cooperate so well, let along stare right at the camera with me! This is the original photo, for comparison purposes.

So after taking this photo, I uploaded it to gimp. The first thing I did was make the pixels just a little bit bigger, to mimic the lower quality cameras of way back when. Then, I added a sepia filter. Then, deciding it was still a little bit too yellow/bright to seem truly old, I messed around with the color balance of the midtones and highlights until I got the photo above. I’m so happy with it, just a lot of fun and I really really like the vibe from the photo.

As far as storytelling goes, I’m thinking I’m some kind of old timey lady figure (maybe a crime boss, maybe a supervillain) who is consistently underestimated by everyone around her because shes a woman, and who is sick and tired of it. This photo was probably taken at the moment when she snapped, one fool to many spoke down to her and doesn’t know what’s coming for him. Sadie and I (although we probably use pseudonyms) both angry, but also tired, which is exactly the feeling after constantly being underestimated. Frustrated, and ready to go to war, but simultaneously just tired of fighting to be seen as equal.

just pay no attention to the flip flops, -liz