a remix assignment! the base assignment was a pretty straightforward one, choose a photo (specifically a bad one) and then write something in helvetica font. The remixed version had me turn it into a ds-106 advertisement! Since it was so straightforward, I decided to make a couple because I was having fun and enjoy lookin through my photos (even the Lower Quality ones). So heres the first one I made

featuring a photo of a frog in a puddle on a trail i was walking after dark with a few friends. I l o v e frogs and also love putting spaces between letters for e m p h a s i s, so i think this one was my favorite. I also made these though, which were terribly fun as well!

i had a little bit of trouble with the font color on this photo, because the floor is black and white, but i think it turned out well nonetheless.

really takin the bad photo instruction to heart, i think i took this photo to send to my mom while i was still on campus. (im not joking tho, mug ramen is really good. second only to ramen you make in a pan bc you don’t have a pot on campus)

and last but not least, this squirrel! i love squirrels and am really proud of this photo, despite it being a literal trash can with a squirrel sitting on top. I think its the green of the grass.

So my original plan for this was to add the text in gimp, but gimp didn’t have helvetica :(. So, i problem solved! i copied each image into a word document, then added the text in a colorless, outline-less textbook and moved it where i wanted the words to appear! after i was happy with the formatting, i screenshotted the photo into a seperate word document where i then saved the image along. a little bit long winded, but it worked! this was super fun, and encapsulates most of my feeling about ds-106, that its intimidating at first, but a lot of fun and totally worth it (and i got to do photography, which is

Chefs Kiss GIF by Nick Jonas

keep calm & ds106, -liz