The Eighties Through Spacetime!

Wow, shes finished! What a wild ride! My group’s radio show, The Eighties Through Space-time, focused on how the eighties as a decade are perceived at different points in human history, is finally complete! Overall, i’m really really happy with how it turned out. I have loved our concept from the start, so seeing it all come together firsthand (for I did the final editing of everything together) was positively delightful! I think we made a really funky fresh interesting show and I can’t wait to hear it on air!

Ill start with the positives. I really enjoyed talking about 1984, thats no shocker. It allowed me to do some deeper thinking (think like in an english class) but on my own terms and with my own boundaries and how I wanted to, which was amazing. I love reading, and I never thought I would miss Socratic Seminars, yet there I was, ITCHING to talk about 1984 by George Orwell. So this was a really good way to scratch that itch! I also really enjoyed listening to the segments of my group members, even though I wasn’t really familiar with any of the medias being discussed, they all did an amazing job of giving a plot overview so that people who weren’t familiar could understand. I also really liked trying to tie everything together in the conclusion. It was so cool seeing things from such different time periods connect, makes my little nerd heart happy.

However, not all sunshine. My time management this week was through the floor, so although the final radio show was posted on spotify before midnight, all of my blog posts are going up after midnight. Unfortunately. Additionally, after getting kicked off of campus, I had to fight with the generally Bad wifi in my room, disconnecting and reconnecting and disconnecting and reconnecting and etc (until i got frustrated and moved downstairs). Additionally, I ended up having to all my recoding at home, so in all of my pieces there’s either a weird background noise, or my voice sounds Kind Of Odd the entire time:(. But really, overall, i couldn’t be happier with the end result, and the process was a lot of fun, 10/10!

make a wish -liz

important ps: i totally just posted this without the soundcloud embedded so i just edited the post and added it. oh my. im doing my best and i suppose thats what matters. so uhh, im gonna go take a NAP.