big brother is watching you

hey hey homies! so my group’s radio show is entitled “The Eighties Through Space-Time”, and the plan is to take & analyze different piece of pop culture created during a different decade but set in the eighties. My piece is the novel 1984 by George Orwell. For advertising purposes, we have decided to each theme our specific advertisement around whatever piece of media we will be discussing for our portion of the show & then making sure to incorporate the title of the show for branding and cohesivity purposes. I am Super Pleased with how my advertisement turned out, its a little bit chaotic, but in a funky interesting way that makes it cool to look at but not too confusing (at least thats what i think)

one of the things i really liked about making this assignment was embracing my inner totalitarian propaganda minister. It was an interesting change from my usual modus operandi of Cute, Colorful, and Pretty.

I created this poster in Canva, which I’ve used before and is very user-friendly, so definitely recommend. Originally, i wasn’t going to add the white text, but the poster felt a little blank & my inner propagandist was feeling it. I really like the way the two fonts play off of each other, and also how the white text is still readable and interesting, but is clearly secondary to the black text, which holds the Important Information. I’m also very proud of myself for the heavy contrast of connotation between my “big brother is watching” and my plug for the show (where the title is revealed). Overall, this was a really fun poster to make & its got me super excited to keep working on the radio show!

make sure to tune in! -liz