be quarantined, do crime

a reflection on the ds106 radio shows! I listened on Wednesday, which was 80’s crime and Social Media: an 80’s Rewrite. These were both really really well made, and super interesting topics that were quite conducive to being in a radio show format. The crime one was incredibly well-put together, with real interviews of the people being discussed added into the student speaking, I was super impressed with that. True crime is as fascinating as it is horrifying, so hearing about the big ones of the 80’s was really cool. I also heavy appreciated the “Whats your damage” line because [intentionally or not] it made me think of Heathers, and I l o v e Heathers. Additionally, I, a couple months ago, was on a true crime media binge, the most recent of which being a, somewhat dramatized, documentary about Jeffrey Dahmer, so being able to compare what each piece brought up about Dahmer was super interesting. The other show on Wednesday was Social Media: an 80’s Rewrite. This show was super cool because I’ve recently become a little bit obsessed with how social media shapes our world and affects our LIFE [and also how memes do that but thats less relevant] so this was a g r e a t show. The points about how fast the media cycle is thanks to social media were so valid, the media coverage of the nuclear meltdowns would have been huge, and the backlash for attempting to cover it up even bigger. Although this wasn’t discussed at length, the show got me thinking about what exactly would have been meme-ed in the 80’s, and then about the present and how our memes are going to be studied in the future as history [especially the coronavirus ones]. Additionally, the format of this show stuck out to me, I really liked the way they had a host who responded to each caller; it really helped with the cohesiveness of the show. Overall, I’m s u p e r impressed with the quality of the radio shows, and of the ads and bumpers, which were utterly fantastic and I can’t believe I forgot about them until this very moment but they were amazing and super high quality. The shows were super well-made and fun to listen to, and of course I do Love to live tweet!

wash your hands, -liz