let me tell you a story

or some concepts of one, at least.

So. Idea one! I’m thinking playbill comparison, like, from a design perspective, which would be Very Research Based but like, I could make it a story. So I’m thinking either compare playbills of different eighties shows to each other, or maybe compare the history of playbill design with shows that premiered in the eighties. So like, the initial Les Miserables playbill versus the current or latest Les Miserables playbill. Maybe culminate in using what I’ve learned to create a playbill of my own? Likely for a show that already exists, but mayhaps come up w one myself? Or at least a plot summary. So there’s that!

Image result for les mis opening playbill

Even though I (and I’m assuming everyone else as well) has been thinking A Lot about COVID-19, i do kind of want to pursue that as the basis for some kind of something. My current thought is maybe some kind of self-quarantine vlog, likely w attempts at humor (not laughing at the virus tho, more just havin fun n vibing despite it). Or mayhaps a collection of Things To Do, poster/psa-style. Depending on timing, meaning how much the world is still being affected by COVID-19 at the various Project Times, it also could be interesting or worthwhile to focus on the virus itself, be that public health and safety tips, be that the “history” of the virus over the past few month, or Something Else. So there’s that!

Next hot take. 80’s RECIPES. So as of a few days ago, UMW is not going back to campus this semester. I, like many— i dare say most— students are Very Sad about this. However, making the best of being stuck in my house, I think it could be fun to try and either make popular 80’s foods/recipes, or pull a claire saffitz and make [although likely not “gourmet”] versions of popular store bought food & then do one of those fun Super Long Essay Backstory blog posts with the recipe at The Very End. Or maybe go full Claire Saffitz and turn it into a video? probably both!

Bon Appetit Jazz Hands GIF by Ashley
ik this isnt claire but its the best i could do

Okay last but not least, and this is vague as heck, but like, a comparison between the 80s and the now. This stems from I have seen Quite a few posts/places/people on The Internet comparing Coronavirus to AIDS. I want to check out a) the strength of this connection; how similar are they, & b) are there any other Very Similar Happenings in the 80s. I’m sure there were because personhood and humanity as a whole is the same now as it was 40 [o my] years ago, but like. Could be interesting. & thats that, a few ideas for Longer, Bigger Projects to do.

Be kind to each other, -liz