fast photography!

  • Emphasize the sky by placing the horizon very low or very high.
  • Features a repeating pattern.
  • A photograph of something old or aged today.
  • Make a photo that represents the end, termination…
  • Make a creative photo of some sort of boundary
  • Tell the story of a place in a single photo
  • Make a photo dominated by your favourite colour and share it!

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Start time: 3:29

End Time: 3:49

Yo this was delightful! I had so much fun doing these, the combination of artsy and chaos (because I was running around like the headless chicken in the idiom) was right up my alley and I think I got some good photos out of it too!

The first prompt I tacked was make a photo dominated by your favorite color and then share it. I just really like yellow and thus was able to make a pretty cute photo from the items laying out and about in my room.

I kind of wish I had been able to make the banana stand out more, but there’s really only so much I can do when Everything is overwhelmingly yellow (which is by No means a bad thing). Also, I don’t think the yellows really clash which is nice; I didn’t consider until literally typing these very words that that could have been a problem.

The next one I tackled was the repeating patterns one, for which I used a really cool staircase on campus! I struggled a little bit with angles for this one, I wanted a plainer background to really show off the pattern, but the layout of the staircase is such that that is kind of super difficult. I’m certainly still pleased with the picture though!

Its such a cool pattern, I really like how each one fits so perfectly into the other!

After this photo, I popped back into my dorm to grab an old button I found at a vintage store in Richmond. Its a little bit of a betrayal because its from GMU, but I’m in the swing dance club here so I couldn’t resist!

I have absolutely no idea how old this button actully is, but the stains and markings lead to believe its at least a little bit old!

The next task I tackled was to take a picture of the horizon. the sky was really cloudy outside, which was super fun and made for a really good end photo.

I decided to take a panorama photo to really capture just how much horizon there was, but also to show how much there was blocking it; both man-made and natural.

Up next was a photo representing the end, or termination. The phrasing of this immediately made me think of “the end of the line” which inspired me to try and make this “i’m falling off a ledge”-type photo using the self timer feature on my phone’s camera.

Although I’m overall pretty pleased with this photo— it was really fun to make— I do wish I had time to remake from a different angle, because the trees and mulch and branches all up in the picture make it a little bit messy.

My boundary photo was of one of the those guard rails found on highways / in parking lots, and this one, although simple, is really cool looking too!

I like the contrast between the natural and wild to the right of the photo and the man-made and built to the left, its a really interesting contrast and emphasizes the role of the barrier.

The final photo I took, which I had been avoiding because it sounded hard, was to tell the story of a place in a single photo. I ended up getting the littlest bit inspired by my surroundings and decided to tell the story of Monroe Hall, an academic building.

And this is low key one of my favorites from this assignment! Setting the timer and then running up the stairs was just a lot of fun! The story of Monroe hall is one of confusion and studious studying from the students, even though sometimes the material makes No Sense.

Overall, this was a really fun activity and I enjoyed the challenge of finding and making photos that represented these prompts, even though I wish I had had a little bit more time to stage the photos, and maybe some time to try and edit them as well. The quick thinking associated with the timer was a really quick and easy way to break out of my “just one more photo” tendency, because I literally did not have time to do that. I just really like taking photographs! It incorporated design and still lifes and ACTING (on my part) and I am overwhelmingly happy with all the end results.

toodle-oo -liz