like a ds-106er

okay so this assignment was fun because i’ve always kinda wanted to try it, so im glad mashup week gave me the inspiration/motivation to! the idea is to fake a text conversation between two people. I’m still kind of itching to go for the horror vibe ive seen around, but i decided to theme this one eighties because theme! a relatively simple concept, two gals chatting about the madonna concert they’re going to later that night, among a few, smaller various things, but really fun still. I especially like trying to fake two different texting styles and the rush of adrenaline switching phones gave me. So here the video

To start off, i typed up a script on microsoft word in order to have something to follow along with while i was typing. This was important because although i was s p e e d i n g along, to a viewer half of the video is just nothing but those little dots, so i needed a script in order to keep things rolling. after the script was written, it was just a question of not getting any notifications during recording. Didn’t have too much trouble because, as you may or may not have noticed from my phones timestamp, its midnight, but take one did have a wifi notification about midway through recording, which was mad inconveniant. However, during take two, everything went super smoothly and without a hitch. Once I had the recording, i emailed it to myself from my phone and did some minor video editing, just to make the gaps a little shorter and to eliminate me turning off the screen recording. This was super fun and1 10/10 recommend!

get some sleep! -liz

ps the title is a play on a madonna song idk if thats clear but i want it to be