[regular] design is THEIR passion

the design blitz bby! so the first design element i was able to find was color, which I found in one of the dorms on campus that was advertising and giving info about housing selection on campus.

I really like the way the background is in black and white. I think it allows for there to be some interest in the background, as opposed to a plain black or white background, while still not overwhelming and making chaotic the poster. Similarly, the red for the Important Information was a really good choice on the part of the designers because it really Pops out and draws attention to the entire point of the poster! Overall just a really good and smart use of color, it works very well with the purpose of the poster and I actually really like looking at it, which is Ideal for a design!

The next element I found was on the UMW Step Team’s advertisement for their show this weekend, and I think it speaks well to the importance of minimalism.

& I’m not at all trying to harsh on the step team, theyre mad talented and I wish I could go to the performance, but the poster is a little bit chaotic. Although normally i’m all for chaos, but in this case it really detracts from the purpose of the advertisement, i cant read any of the information without squinting and looking really hard at the poster, which is unideal for an advertisement mid-campus walk. I think maybe shrinking the background graphic so that it doesn’t overlap with the words, or maybe adding blocks of color so that the words have something solid to reflect off of, could help with the issues here, but I’m sure there are a ton of different resolutions.

Next up was symmetry, which I found on my yogurt!

this is SUCH good design, i’m kind of in love with the yogurt packaging. The way its symmetrical on both sides of the words, but with the two different fruits, is brilliant and makes it really fun to look at! Additionally, the centered-ness of all the writing helps to emphasize the symmetry A Lot, and its just overall such a Good Take. I think the symmetry and also just overall calmness of the packaging really helps this brand stand out in the yogurt aisle, which is very funky fresh of them.

Image preview

and finally, typography! found this on my way to Giant, and I just Really Really like the typography in it! it seems to be just one font, but the different sizes and colors makes it seem like a bunch of fonts (while staying really cohesive). Additionally, the formatting of the type keeps the flyer interesting even without any sort of photo or visual stimulus. also, sorry for the Really Poor photo quality, that was the best I could do.

keep it _exy, liz