this glorious bath

so i’m a big fan of john green’s podcast the anthropocene reviewed. its a brilliant podcast, i HIGHLY recommend giving it a listen. In one of the episodes, he quotes a friend of his (Amy Krouss Rosenthal) “Death may be knocking at my door, but i’m not getting out of this glorious bath to answer it.” That quote has stuck with me for since I listened to that episode, so when I saw this assignment, tasking us with making a minimalist poster of a quote we really like. So I chose that quote! and voila, la produit finale!

So. I realized upon starting my write-up, that the instructions specify minimalist. And I was going for minimalism, I really was, I just forgot approximately halfway through when I noticed that STICKERS existed and went a little bit cuckoo. I think its adorable and really cute, and I do like the presence of the stickers! I started adding them as little reminders of the glorious things present in this bath, fish and flowers and the color yellow and all the rest of the colors too and all of everything else that makes life here worthwhile. Its called creative license! However, since Canva is ridiculously user-friendly, here is the de-stickered poster!

I like it with the stickers more! But nonetheless, onto the process! Step one! Look through your notes app for your list of Good Quotes ™ and decide on the one that starts by talking about death. Then go to Canva and mess around with poster background until you come across this cute starry night one, then add a filter so that its a little more subdued (& minimalistic!). Then go to the noun project and search up bathtub and find a good one. From there is was just inserting the different pieces and formatting so that it looks all cute, the discovering and adding of an abundance of stickers. Then delete the stickers for the sake of ds106 :(. et voila! two lovely cute posters with a lovely little quote!

I chose this quote because it serves as a reminder to myself that even though things heavy suck sometimes, and even though it seems like everything bad is knocking down my door, there’s still a glorious bath full of lovely amazing things and people that make it all worth it and that outweigh the knocking. I like the sense of control it gives me; I am not going out of my way to get out of this glorious bath to help the bad come in. Inevitably some of it will make its way in; thats a part of being human bby, but that doesn’t mean i have to help it. Also I just really like saying i’m not getting out of this glorious bath, the syllables are Nice.

treat yourself soon, -liz

the bathtub: bathtub by fix project from the Noun Project