Daily Creates

the creates start comin & they don’t stop comin

daily creates week 7! all three them in all of their glory! we started out the week with a creation based on my initial (e l k)!

this one makes me laugh, so even though it doesn’t really make a ton of “sense” i think its hilarious and it makes me happy. i chose the word lumbar because its really fun to say, and then chose the gif because i really like ducks! i think i’m hilarious & thats what matters 🙂

up next, a poem! i LOVE poetry & do write it sometimes, but usually only where it will never see the light of day for reasons i’m sure don’t have to be delineated lol. HOWEVER i do like poetry so i WAS very excited about this one!

so i tried to go for a little bit of a plot twist, & get ppl to think i was writing about a person when in reality i just love my beagle so much. isnt this photo of her absolutely adorable!!!!!

& last but not least, a database of photos from old books! i was thinkin bout taylor swift’s the man while doing this one (because the music video dropped earlier that day)

this photo is just low key exactly what taylor swift is singing about in the man (which you should def listen to btw) & the arrogance on this dude’s face? yeah.

thx for coming to my tedtalk! -liz

Daily Creates

15 minute masterpieces week 6

my daily creates for this week! i started out this week by doing the what color is your name dc! the colors are cute, but i felt as though their wasn’t enough yellow in the site’s decision, so I augmented their response with a photo of some beautiful yellow flowers i took a few months ago!

next up was a reveal what’s on your table. this was simple, but i did have a good time arranging things around so that they looked cute and a lil artsy 🙂

& last but not least, what product would be worth the tedious process of claymations? indoor heating and air conditioning for SURE!

until we meet again, -liz

Daily Creates

lets get (daily) creative!

3d dont hug me im scared GIF

so this weeks daily creates started off with this really cool website that makes lines (/maybe a singular line I couldn’t really tell): “flow field art”. I was hoping for my final product to be more yellow heavy, but I think the final product is sort of reminiscent of bird feathers both in texture and mix of colors in a way that a yellow-heavy product would not be able to reflect. This one was fun because I really vibe with pretty colors and soft lines and I got to add POETRY to it which is just,, quite a few of my favorite things!

up next on the daily create train (choo choo!) was to get inspired by some curves. Relatively straightfoward, but I do like how my photo came out, and it does ring mild nostalgia bells (even though I never really liked those things), so I will also be taking the dub on this daily create!

and last but certainly not least, “insult a celebrity”. i struggled with this one for a minute because i don’t ever remember celebrities and also i don’t like being mean! but then i remembered the venom movie (which i very enjoyed and am not dissing at all) and decided to go for tom hardy, mostly because of that weird freaking lobster tank scene. low hanging fruit! i think ive made better insults, but i’ve also certainly made worse!

have fun out there! -liz

important ps: green IS a creative color!

Daily Creates

Another week of daily creates!

I started my daily creates with a relatively straightforward prompt, which was certainly a nice way to start off. We had to caption this photo: My mind immediately went to games of my youth and their rules and regulations, so I captioned it with a throwback to Hide ‘n Seek!

The next Daily Create I did wanted us to draw inspiration from a fairy tale, in which, ironically enough, fairy tales were also an integral part of my childhood! I decided to go with the story of Rapunzel, because I really like the Disney movie Tangled and also the original Grimm fairy tale does still have a happy ending! What is that happy ending, you ask? That’s what my daily create reveals!

And, last but not least, the Daily Create for today, friday. This one was very open-ended; the only prompt was to relate it to whales. I’ve been thinking about French a lot recently and am currently in a French class, so I decided to look up whale to see the french translation. The french word for whale is baleine, and I thought that was a pretty word, so I made an acrostic poem about whales but using the french name instead!

get some rest! -liz

Daily Creates

creative on the daily week 3

1/27/20! My poetic daily create! Started off strong with climate change, then I tried to transition into a more love/romantic human experience style poem (couple meets via speed-dating, listens to crunk, a type of music at a club/on a date, then go geocaching together, get married, and their wedding has crudos as appetizers and their rings are fire topaz). I just really like writing poetry so this was fun for me.

1/29/20! More creative writing! I really like this picture, I took it at a cafe with my close friends before we all headed off to work together, so I think it pairs nicely with my sentimental creative writing about how sentimental I am.

1/30/20! Mothman and his sidekick (me)! I, for one, would be absolutely terrified if those two were behind a door I opened!

bisous! -liz

Daily Creates

daily creates week 2!

1/20/2020- our feathered farm friends

Today’s daily create was to make something relating to chickens, so I took this snapchat video of my dog, made it a gif, and added a Very Scary Chicken to look like it was chasing her. Voila! Do you like your chicken literal or metaphorical? I wish I could have figured out how to crop a video and nix the sticker, but c’est la vie, she’s still a lovely gif!

1/21/2020- papa smurf ain’t having it

This daily create required me to do a little bit of research, because I did not know what the tweet was referring to. Fortunately, it did not take too long to get a good understanding of the scenario. I decided on this gif because Papa Smurf is conveying a level of anger appropriate to such a denial, plus the colors make me happy.

1/22/2020- memory lane ft a haiku

The 1/21/20 daily create was really fun for me; I played around near my hometown until I found a haiku that I liked- one that, ironically enough, was about home- and this one spoke to me immediately. I like this photo with the haiku because it is my literal, physical home, and one of my closest friends, aka one of the people that make it more than just a city! 10/10 I love being sentimental.

1/23/19- an excuse to go to giant

This one was really fun because I got to a) go to a grocery store and get more yogurt! and b) use colored pencils! which are two things that make for a really good time! Fortunately, the map doesn’t show all of the time I spent staring at the yogurt, or the time spent yearning for overpriced Starbucks coldbrews!