scooby do vibes

so my original plan for the short story with only sound bytes was a titanic-esque drowning story, then i realized that was a little bit dark, and changed pace to a more lighthearted ooky spooky vibe, much like the popular cartoon scooby do!

scooby doo toothpaste GIF

and here she is, in all her glory, fresh from my soundcloud page!

The starting point for this story was the background spooky music, it was my inspiration for the rest of it! I started with the spooky background, and then spent time on this website searching for footsteps and roars and all of the other necessary sounds for a mini horror story! I then copied them all onto a single audacity file and moved them to fit and flow nicely and naturally together. I made a few minor edits to the volume of each clip, just to make it feel more real, but other than that its mostly the original sounds!

scooby doo party hard GIF

As for thoughts behind the work, I was really honing in on the Scooby Do “scary but you know nothing Really Bad is going to happen” vibe. In my minds eye, the storyline is that someone wanted to go exploring, so they did. They walk up to an old abandoned church building, open the door, see a scary monster which roars at them, they scream, freeze for a minute, then slam the door and run away to their car (but like specifically the mystery machine). The use of the Wilhelm Scream may have been a little bit in poor taste, given its known-ness and how easily recognizable it is, but I couldn’t help myself and I do not regret it!

scooby doo halloween GIF

I really enjoyed scanning through the different sounds and searching for exactly the right one for my purposes and then cutting and editing it to work within the story. Also I really do forget how fun and important audio is to a story, and stripping everything else away made that abundantly clear in the best way possible. Overall a really fun assignment and a concept that I sort of want to pursue further. It reminds me of those “x song” but its played in a Very Specific set of circumstances that just really strike my fancy. (theres an assignment to make one of those but for copywright reasons I decided not to do it).

stay safe -liz