marius pick up your phone

This assignment had me leaving a voicemail for a character from some sort of media. I decided, in keeping both with the 80s theme and with my personal interests, to leave a voicemail for Marius Pontmercy regarding his shirking of his revolutionary duties. Give it a listen!

This was really, really fun to make, I really enjoyed pretending to chastise Marius because he just Always Does This when he’s “in love” and this time it just can’t fly because the Revolution is Starting!

To create this, I started by recording myself a few times in the vocal booth, in different pitches and with different emphases. I ended up settling on the last take I took, in which I used my normal speaking voice, rather than a deepened, surfer-dude type vibe I had used with the others. I chose this because it was the best take regarding how and what I got out, but also because then I gave myself the opportunity to play around with audacity and the effects! So I did thus! I copied all my audio into audacity and then deepened my pitch so that I sounded less like a lady. I then started messing around with the bass levels, but I don’t think that had any real effect. It might have made me sound less like a bad cartoon villain with a voice modifier, but not that much because I still sound like a cartoon villain with a bad voice modifier. After I was happy with how my words and voice sounded, I inserted a phone ringing and answering machine sound from this website! and then, a few minor cuts later, my masterpiece!

This was just so much fun because I love Les Miserables and even though theres negative chances of Marius having and answering machine and of his buddies having phones, playing like they did was a fun modernization. I also had a lot of fun with the references to the musical, like calling Cosette “closet” and quoting “Red and Black”. I really wise I had figured out how to make my voice sound more realistic and not Obviously edited, but there’s only so much one can do I suppose.

do you hear the people sing? -liz