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the creates start comin & they don’t stop comin

daily creates week 7! all three them in all of their glory! we started out the week with a creation based on my initial (e l k)!

this one makes me laugh, so even though it doesn’t really make a ton of “sense” i think its hilarious and it makes me happy. i chose the word lumbar because its really fun to say, and then chose the gif because i really like ducks! i think i’m hilarious & thats what matters 🙂

up next, a poem! i LOVE poetry & do write it sometimes, but usually only where it will never see the light of day for reasons i’m sure don’t have to be delineated lol. HOWEVER i do like poetry so i WAS very excited about this one!

so i tried to go for a little bit of a plot twist, & get ppl to think i was writing about a person when in reality i just love my beagle so much. isnt this photo of her absolutely adorable!!!!!

& last but not least, a database of photos from old books! i was thinkin bout taylor swift’s the man while doing this one (because the music video dropped earlier that day)

this photo is just low key exactly what taylor swift is singing about in the man (which you should def listen to btw) & the arrogance on this dude’s face? yeah.

thx for coming to my tedtalk! -liz

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