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dilly dally daily creates

week 11 daily creates! started off this week with a pretty simple one, inspired by the coronavirus— replace any word in the title of a famous movie with toilet paper. I’m kind of very proud of myself, because the film i chose (the little mermaid) and the new name (the toilet paper mermaid) could easily be two Very Different movies, one about a mermaid finding love, and one about a ravenous MERMAID MUMMY.

Up next was to make a heart map! I folded a little hear out of paper i had at home, because i had been folding little hearts and flowers all day to send in letters to my ‘rona penpals & was vibin with that. I think it turned out really cute and im super happy!

And last but not least, a covid themed shirt to keep people respecting the quarantine! I’m very proud of myself because a) i love the color yellow and b) i think i’m hilarious 🙂

happy shelter-in-place! -liz

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