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creative on the daily week 3

1/27/20! My poetic daily create! Started off strong with climate change, then I tried to transition into a more love/romantic human experience style poem (couple meets via speed-dating, listens to crunk, a type of music at a club/on a date, then go geocaching together, get married, and their wedding has crudos as appetizers and their rings are fire topaz). I just really like writing poetry so this was fun for me.

1/29/20! More creative writing! I really like this picture, I took it at a cafe with my close friends before we all headed off to work together, so I think it pairs nicely with my sentimental creative writing about how sentimental I am.

1/30/20! Mothman and his sidekick (me)! I, for one, would be absolutely terrified if those two were behind a door I opened!

bisous! -liz

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