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Another week of daily creates!

I started my daily creates with a relatively straightforward prompt, which was certainly a nice way to start off. We had to caption this photo: My mind immediately went to games of my youth and their rules and regulations, so I captioned it with a throwback to Hide ‘n Seek!

The next Daily Create I did wanted us to draw inspiration from a fairy tale, in which, ironically enough, fairy tales were also an integral part of my childhood! I decided to go with the story of Rapunzel, because I really like the Disney movie Tangled and also the original Grimm fairy tale does still have a happy ending! What is that happy ending, you ask? That’s what my daily create reveals!

And, last but not least, the Daily Create for today, friday. This one was very open-ended; the only prompt was to relate it to whales. I’ve been thinking about French a lot recently and am currently in a French class, so I decided to look up whale to see the french translation. The french word for whale is baleine, and I thought that was a pretty word, so I made an acrostic poem about whales but using the french name instead!

get some rest! -liz

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