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12/3 [week 12, 3 daily creates]

its a fraction! so the daily creates this week, we were to do three, and I’m Pretty Happy with how mine ended up! started off strong (and a little bit sad) with a sound review. I decided to review Willard Hall (and the rest of the dorm, i suppose)’s door alarms, the ones that have a tendency to go off at random point throughout the day (and night) and are Very Loud and Do Not turn off. But I miss campus, so the rating was higher than it usually would be.

up next was poster to encourage people to keep social distancing, which I made on Adobe spark post (which is a really really good software 10/10 recommend btw).

And last but not least, some poetry! this is just another installment of liz thinks shes hilarious, but that doesn’t make it any less hilarious! all that to say, I’m very happy with my poem.

keep up the social distancing, -liz

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