Daily Creates

daily creates week 2!

1/20/2020- our feathered farm friends

Today’s daily create was to make something relating to chickens, so I took this snapchat video of my dog, made it a gif, and added a Very Scary Chicken to look like it was chasing her. Voila! Do you like your chicken literal or metaphorical? I wish I could have figured out how to crop a video and nix the sticker, but c’est la vie, she’s still a lovely gif!

1/21/2020- papa smurf ain’t having it

This daily create required me to do a little bit of research, because I did not know what the tweet was referring to. Fortunately, it did not take too long to get a good understanding of the scenario. I decided on this gif because Papa Smurf is conveying a level of anger appropriate to such a denial, plus the colors make me happy.

1/22/2020- memory lane ft a haiku

The 1/21/20 daily create was really fun for me; I played around near my hometown until I found a haiku that I liked- one that, ironically enough, was about home- and this one spoke to me immediately. I like this photo with the haiku because it is my literal, physical home, and one of my closest friends, aka one of the people that make it more than just a city! 10/10 I love being sentimental.

1/23/19- an excuse to go to giant

This one was really fun because I got to a) go to a grocery store and get more yogurt! and b) use colored pencils! which are two things that make for a really good time! Fortunately, the map doesn’t show all of the time I spent staring at the yogurt, or the time spent yearning for overpriced Starbucks coldbrews!