Weekly Summaries

& thats a wrap on week 7!

the ever-awaited summary post! so this week had the unfortunate luck to be right between a trip to philadelphia i took with a friend (which was delightful and so much fun!) & spring break (so eagerly awaited for so many weeks). Thus, motivation this week was at an all-time low, unfortunately enough. I was able to get everything done, but not the extent or quality that i was hoping to. we start out, like always, with my daily create masterpost! the daily creates this week were a lot of fun, i got to talk about taylor swift & my DOG, which are both such GOOD content i heavy recommend them both.

next, i made an advertisement for my group’s radio show! I’m super happy with how it turned out & i love flexing my design skills. It was a really nice change in creative pace for me; usually i go for colorful and pleasant and pretty, and although its certainly a Masterpiece, i wouldn’t, by any means, call it pleasant. All this to say, you should certainly check it out!

My assignments this week are all very-much 1984 themed, which was on purpose, in preparation for my bit of the radio show next week! the first one i completed was a dramatic reading of Winston’s diary! this was really really fun & i was able to be dramatic and angsty without having to come up with the feelings myself! additionally, Winston makes some really good points in his diary that i found it important to reflect on. up next on the assignment train was the analyzation of a poem thats an integral part of the novel and that holds some surprising meaning to it! finally, i chose one of the most important moments of Winston’s life, and explained it in just under two minutes. What i really liked about these assignments was that it refamiliarized me with the novel, and allowed me to further digest all of the important bits that i’m gonna wanna bring up next week. Additionally, i really like how my voice sounds in all of these, which is an Lovely Change from how recording these things usually goes!

& to finish off the week, a little reflection & whats yet to come regarding the ds106 group radio show! (entitled the eighties through space-time!) which is gonna be a SMACK show & i can’t wait for people to be able to listen to it!

have a lovely spring break! -liz


reflection time baybee

week one of radio show fun is over and done! I’m super excited to get writing and recording everything, because i’m really happy with our groups concept. We decided to go with an analysation of media that was created in different time periods, but all of which are set in the 80s. which gives me an excuse to talk about 1984 by George Orwell, which is THRILLING. I read 1984 one time and go absolutely bonkers. Overall, im pretty happy with our progress this week. We settled on an overarching theme, and each of us has our specific piece chosen. Although i’m happy with our concept, i am a little bit worried on making sure it seems like a cohesive radio show. We are planning on fighting this with consistent music and a STELLAR introduction and conclusion, but its something we are going to have to be very careful in planning and watching out for. As I mentioned earlier, I’m going to be talking about George Orwell’s perception of the eighties, which I’m almost certain is going to be ridiculously different from all of the other perceptions, for Orwell was mad pressed about totalitarianism and the growth of technology stripping the rights of man away. But it will certainly make for an Interesting comparison! As for the plans for next week, we’re gonna keep working mostly individually, with intermittent updates on progress & theme work so that we can start on that aforementioned stellar conclusion. I have high high hopes for our radio show, and i’m Certain we will deliver!

go team! -liz


ft a 1984 pun

the point of this assignment is to explain an important event or memory you have, and then describe how it changed you. I decided to take just the tiniest bit of creative license, and explain a memory of the principal character in George Orwell’s 1984, Winston.

This was my favorite assignment of the week, i had so much fun completing it and then reading it with my Serious Important Things Voice- which i don’t get to use NEARLY as often as i would like to. To start off, i had to decide what memory of Winston’s to choose; and whether i wanted to speak as Winston the free-minded or Winston the Brainwashed. Even though I think Winston the brainwashed would certainly be a really interesting and fun perspective to take, the amount of thinking and reflecting that would take just was Not It this week. I chose to speak on the newspaper incident because it’s something Winston carries with him throughout the book, something he uses to remind himself of his sanity, and something he uses in his fight against big brother. My biggest challenge with this assignment was getting all of the information i wanted included to fit into 2 minutes, but i made it! Overall a really cool assignment and i just really like 1984 by George Orwell.

hope youre doing Or-WELL! -liz


under the chestnut tree

this assignment said to do a dramatic reading of a poem, and then turn that poem into a story. I decided to take a little bit of creative license with it in order to better serve my purposes for the upcoming radio show, but the essence of what i did remains the same. I took a bit of a song from the novel 1984, a song that appears twice in the novel, read it out loud, then analyzed it and its importance.

I’m really happy with how this turned out, partially because i love me some poetry, and partially because i love me some 1984 by George Orwell. As far as technical skill required, this assignment did not require much, but i did record & edit this in audacity. Most of the time for this assignment was spent thinking about the poem and its implications and symbolism within 1984. I am a little bit unhappy with a bit at the very end of the recording, where i say “it juxtaposes quite nicely with…” this was a dive into analysis, and i usually love the word juxtaposition & its offshoots (hence why I used it), but i don’t think it fits quite right with the rest of the recording. Overall, however, i think it went very well.

don’t be shady, -liz


dear diary

so the goal of this assignment was to be Super Open about your past & share a diary entry from when you were an angsty teen. However! in light of our current radio show project! i decided to dramatically read snippets of Winston (from 1984)’s diary! And honestly? the end result is really really good, if i do say so myself!

So what i did was open up a free online pdf of the book (interested?) & use the “find” feature on google to look for whenever the word “wrote” appears. This led me to all of the times in which Winston wrote in his diary. I copied them all into a word document with the intention of reading all of them for the upload. However, upon attempting a dramatic reading of some of the longer entries, I realized that it was a little bit boring and irrelevant. Thus, I decided to pick and choose the entries that i thought showed Winston’s progression through the novel, from a man full of rage with nowhere to put it, to a critically reflecting outcast, then to an ideal member of the party machine. Once I decided on the diary bits i wanted included, I took a couple takes in the vocal recording booth & spliced and edited into a final product that i’m happy with.

Overall I think this turned out really well, and I liked trying to show Winston character development through just tone of voice and words. I did struggle with figuring out what to cut, however. For example, the very first entry in Winston’s diary is a monologue of a war movie he saw, and I think it encapsulates how, at the beginning of the novel, he was A Little Different from everybody else, but still pretty heavily conditioned/under Big Brother’s thumb. I realized I had to cut it, however, because it was a very lengthy entry that just didn’t contribute enough to the progression to be worth keeping.

reflect critically on authority, -liz


big brother is watching you

hey hey homies! so my group’s radio show is entitled “The Eighties Through Space-Time”, and the plan is to take & analyze different piece of pop culture created during a different decade but set in the eighties. My piece is the novel 1984 by George Orwell. For advertising purposes, we have decided to each theme our specific advertisement around whatever piece of media we will be discussing for our portion of the show & then making sure to incorporate the title of the show for branding and cohesivity purposes. I am Super Pleased with how my advertisement turned out, its a little bit chaotic, but in a funky interesting way that makes it cool to look at but not too confusing (at least thats what i think)

one of the things i really liked about making this assignment was embracing my inner totalitarian propaganda minister. It was an interesting change from my usual modus operandi of Cute, Colorful, and Pretty.

I created this poster in Canva, which I’ve used before and is very user-friendly, so definitely recommend. Originally, i wasn’t going to add the white text, but the poster felt a little blank & my inner propagandist was feeling it. I really like the way the two fonts play off of each other, and also how the white text is still readable and interesting, but is clearly secondary to the black text, which holds the Important Information. I’m also very proud of myself for the heavy contrast of connotation between my “big brother is watching” and my plug for the show (where the title is revealed). Overall, this was a really fun poster to make & its got me super excited to keep working on the radio show!

make sure to tune in! -liz

Daily Creates

the creates start comin & they don’t stop comin

daily creates week 7! all three them in all of their glory! we started out the week with a creation based on my initial (e l k)!

this one makes me laugh, so even though it doesn’t really make a ton of “sense” i think its hilarious and it makes me happy. i chose the word lumbar because its really fun to say, and then chose the gif because i really like ducks! i think i’m hilarious & thats what matters 🙂

up next, a poem! i LOVE poetry & do write it sometimes, but usually only where it will never see the light of day for reasons i’m sure don’t have to be delineated lol. HOWEVER i do like poetry so i WAS very excited about this one!

so i tried to go for a little bit of a plot twist, & get ppl to think i was writing about a person when in reality i just love my beagle so much. isnt this photo of her absolutely adorable!!!!!

& last but not least, a database of photos from old books! i was thinkin bout taylor swift’s the man while doing this one (because the music video dropped earlier that day)

this photo is just low key exactly what taylor swift is singing about in the man (which you should def listen to btw) & the arrogance on this dude’s face? yeah.

thx for coming to my tedtalk! -liz

Weekly Summaries

week six? full of tricks!

week 6 summary post! there are a lot more words that rhyme with six than i thought; like still not a ton, but more than i expected!

we are six girl power GIF by Official London Theatre

Throughout the week, i was on the lookout for different elements of design, which i found and compiled here for your convenience! This was really cool because it forced me to open my eyes and see the world around me in a funky fresh new way, which is totally appreciated! It also gave me a little bit of design inspo for my assignments! mostly just in the sense of “oh yeah symmetry is a thing i can and should use”, but nonetheless!

being honest, the daily creates this week werent my favorite, but i did get to post a really pretty picture i took of some flowers, so thats a win! check ’em out here though!

As for assignments, I’m kind of very proud of my work this week! first and foremost, I conquered gimp!! I started off the week with an assignment that called to, essentially, edit myself from a previous photo into a funky fresh new situation! check out the full post (& my celebrations on conquering gimp) here, but i’ll save you the click if youre just interested in my MASTERPIECE!

overall, this was a really fun assignment and i am stupid proud of myself for an actually not half bad work of gimp editing. It was definitely a lot of googling, but it all ended up being things i can (& did) do! also i just really like the final image, i like the contrast between the man who knows how to tightrope walk (even though i doubt he was legitimately high up) & me clinging for life to the rope. It makes me happy.

next assignment! 80s themed! not just 80s, but also Heathers themed! The goal was to make a simplified movie poster that still encompasses the gist of the film. this one was super fun because its essentially a better version of the very first assignment i ever did for ds106 (a point i elaborate on in the write-up)

I’m ridiculously happy with this one, another successful use of gimp & i just really like heathers and how to blue contrasts with the dullness of the background colors and blah blah blah check out my post for the non-abridged gushing!

Next assignment, straightfoward but fun and funky and 80s themed! i took part of the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun music video and gif-ed it!

Animated GIF

I liked this one because i had no idea it was so easy to gif things! so now i can make gifs whenever i want and i’m not sure i should have that kind of power. like legitmately i thought trying to gif things that weren’t my own recording was Very Difficult and essentially Impossible so learning i can just. Do it. Is SO COOL.

and last but CERTAINLY not least for assignments was this one, where i made a poster out of a quote/motto that i like!

this was the not minimalist version of the poster, and my personal favorite. I also made a minimal version, which is the same thing just sans the flowers and animals (because that was the assignment parameters) so if you wanna see that one, go check out the post!

the assignments i chose for this week were overwhelming a Really Good Time, and I’m super happy with everything I made and am even more happy about finally finding my footing with gimp! after doing the assigned readings, i learned that my personal design preferences & tastes are a little bit Niche and Funky, but that wasn’t exactly surprising given the everything about me! I’m just gonna run with it! if your interested in figuring out exactly what i’m talking about, check out my design reflection post!

get rekt, liz


[regular] design is THEIR passion

the design blitz bby! so the first design element i was able to find was color, which I found in one of the dorms on campus that was advertising and giving info about housing selection on campus.

I really like the way the background is in black and white. I think it allows for there to be some interest in the background, as opposed to a plain black or white background, while still not overwhelming and making chaotic the poster. Similarly, the red for the Important Information was a really good choice on the part of the designers because it really Pops out and draws attention to the entire point of the poster! Overall just a really good and smart use of color, it works very well with the purpose of the poster and I actually really like looking at it, which is Ideal for a design!

The next element I found was on the UMW Step Team’s advertisement for their show this weekend, and I think it speaks well to the importance of minimalism.

& I’m not at all trying to harsh on the step team, theyre mad talented and I wish I could go to the performance, but the poster is a little bit chaotic. Although normally i’m all for chaos, but in this case it really detracts from the purpose of the advertisement, i cant read any of the information without squinting and looking really hard at the poster, which is unideal for an advertisement mid-campus walk. I think maybe shrinking the background graphic so that it doesn’t overlap with the words, or maybe adding blocks of color so that the words have something solid to reflect off of, could help with the issues here, but I’m sure there are a ton of different resolutions.

Next up was symmetry, which I found on my yogurt!

this is SUCH good design, i’m kind of in love with the yogurt packaging. The way its symmetrical on both sides of the words, but with the two different fruits, is brilliant and makes it really fun to look at! Additionally, the centered-ness of all the writing helps to emphasize the symmetry A Lot, and its just overall such a Good Take. I think the symmetry and also just overall calmness of the packaging really helps this brand stand out in the yogurt aisle, which is very funky fresh of them.

Image preview

and finally, typography! found this on my way to Giant, and I just Really Really like the typography in it! it seems to be just one font, but the different sizes and colors makes it seem like a bunch of fonts (while staying really cohesive). Additionally, the formatting of the type keeps the flyer interesting even without any sort of photo or visual stimulus. also, sorry for the Really Poor photo quality, that was the best I could do.

keep it _exy, liz


this glorious bath

so i’m a big fan of john green’s podcast the anthropocene reviewed. its a brilliant podcast, i HIGHLY recommend giving it a listen. In one of the episodes, he quotes a friend of his (Amy Krouss Rosenthal) “Death may be knocking at my door, but i’m not getting out of this glorious bath to answer it.” That quote has stuck with me for since I listened to that episode, so when I saw this assignment, tasking us with making a minimalist poster of a quote we really like. So I chose that quote! and voila, la produit finale!

So. I realized upon starting my write-up, that the instructions specify minimalist. And I was going for minimalism, I really was, I just forgot approximately halfway through when I noticed that STICKERS existed and went a little bit cuckoo. I think its adorable and really cute, and I do like the presence of the stickers! I started adding them as little reminders of the glorious things present in this bath, fish and flowers and the color yellow and all the rest of the colors too and all of everything else that makes life here worthwhile. Its called creative license! However, since Canva is ridiculously user-friendly, here is the de-stickered poster!

I like it with the stickers more! But nonetheless, onto the process! Step one! Look through your notes app for your list of Good Quotes ™ and decide on the one that starts by talking about death. Then go to Canva and mess around with poster background until you come across this cute starry night one, then add a filter so that its a little more subdued (& minimalistic!). Then go to the noun project and search up bathtub and find a good one. From there is was just inserting the different pieces and formatting so that it looks all cute, the discovering and adding of an abundance of stickers. Then delete the stickers for the sake of ds106 :(. et voila! two lovely cute posters with a lovely little quote!

I chose this quote because it serves as a reminder to myself that even though things heavy suck sometimes, and even though it seems like everything bad is knocking down my door, there’s still a glorious bath full of lovely amazing things and people that make it all worth it and that outweigh the knocking. I like the sense of control it gives me; I am not going out of my way to get out of this glorious bath to help the bad come in. Inevitably some of it will make its way in; thats a part of being human bby, but that doesn’t mean i have to help it. Also I just really like saying i’m not getting out of this glorious bath, the syllables are Nice.

treat yourself soon, -liz

the bathtub: bathtub by fix project from the Noun Project