twilight zone except not ooky spooky

come wander with me-

the lateness of the hour,

the midnight sun;

its a good life.

nothing in the dark (but) the mind and the matter?

its a good life.

on thursday, we leave for home.

its a good life.

he’s alive,

(s)he’s alive,

(w)e’s alive.

its a good life.

So this (two star, writing) assignment said to make a poem out of the titles of episodes of the twilight zone! My main goal was to make something cutesy and sweet, because that is the opposite of what the Twilight Zone is about, and I think I succeeded!

The process? Look over the master list of Twilight Zone titles and look for inspiration! Then, start writing them down to draft a cutesy poem! I was originally going for the a theme similar to “The Ones” Ellen DorĂ© Watson (I also wrote about one of my favorite quotes from her here!); which is a nice, we’re all just humans trying to exist and be happy, let’s be kind to one another. Peep my planning!

Oof you might not be able to read my handwriting, oops! But yeah, the first 8 or so lines was my stab at that sort of theme. However, I didn’t really like how I was just listing things, and I didn’t see anywhere to really go and tie it all together from there, so I decided to switch to a more, the world is nice and I’m glad to be here vibe, which I think I accomplished better. The only modifications I made were all punctuation, and anything in parenthesis was added. The parenthesis are not meant to be anything poetic, they just serve to differentiate.

After I hammered down what I wanted the poem to mean, the rest was just searching for the titles that could convey that. I really used the “its a good life” title to hammer that point in, but I think the repetition sounds nice. I wish there was less punctuation, because i prefer my poetry to be kind of grammarless, but I feel like it was necessary to convey the pacing and pausing that I wanted. The grammar on the second to last line (“we’s alive”) is for sure funky, but I wanted to stay as true to the original title as possible. Thus, we’s alive. And as silly as it is, I actually do really like how it sounds after the “he’s alive / she’s alive” bit. So there you have it! Poetry by liz! (even though the Twilight Zone writers were really the ones doing most of the writing).

its a good life. -liz

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