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I’m just typing things to build the suspense, this is a blatant attempt at clickbait. Lets hope I can do this correctly lol. Aren’t you guys all so curious as to what answers you’ve been waiting for?? You’ll just have to click to find out, because you’re not gonna know based on the little snippet you can see here! mwahahahahaha! ((pay no attention if you have not come here from the ds106 mastersite :))

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This assignment wants me to tell y’all something about my blog name! so that’s what I’m gonna do!

romanticist cliche . That’s me! As it says on my blog title, that’s sort of my entire being. Romanticist as in hopeless romantic- which I am- and Romanticist as in the artistic and literary movement- which I Love. While I was setting up this blog, I was sitting at my desk, where I have an ABUNDANCE of buttons decorating my workspace. One of them, which I got at Riverby Books (10/10 recommend if y’all are in fxburg!) says- you guessed it- romanticist cliche. The moment I saw it I knew I had to have it. I’m also a sucker for anything cliche. I like to pretend I’m not. But I am. And I’m finally truly embracing that, which is lovely and wonderful. The low caps is also significant, my natural state of typing is in low caps, mostly because its so much prettier than the normal rules of grammar are, but also because then I can use capital letters to Make Emphasis and is even more powerful. Plus the low caps plus the words romanticist cliche plus the everything else about my blog just gives such a cohesive vibe and makes me stupid happy. So there you have it!

Voila! This assignment was relatively straightforward, but I mostly chose it because I wanted to talk about how cute I think my blog is, and also because I do want to explain why I went with chill and subdued rather than Wild and Eighties (which is also a GREAT vibe!!!). There is a little bit of a struggle in opening up about how cutesy and romantic I am, but I have gotten more and more open since I’ve arrived at college, so not too much of a struggle. Definitely recommend this assignment because I’m nosy and want to know the reason behind all y’alls blog names :). I was gonna attach a photo of the button is question, but I am currently far away from my dorm and thus will not be doing so. Apologies, you’ll just have to trust me!

toodles! -liz

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