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woo! video week! in which i remembered my laptop has a screen recording function & decided to show off my gamer side! (i am in fact a gamer, i play sims fallout & minecraft dont @ me) This assignment had me show off my gaming lowlights, so I decided to do so in my newest gaming endeavor: webkinz. A couple friends and i all bought pandas at the beginning of quarantine so we could play together, and i bought a gray boy named terry. Terry is delightful and a fashion i c o n, but we are not immune to certain gaming flops, which i’ve compiled here for your convenience!

the upside down thumbnail is an artistic choice, made to symbolize just how ~cringe and embarassing~ these video game fails are, definitely not bc no matter which way the uploaded thumbnail file was oriented youtube put it in upside down & i couldn’t figure out how to fix it. It was definitely an artistic choice.

Anywho! this was really fun to make because a) webkinz and b) full stop thats about it. It was really fun to pick out the stupid bits of my gameplay and organize them together in a somewhat cohesive fashion. since webkinz is a game for kids, there weren’t really a ton of ways to fail, so i spent a lot of time in the arcade playing games, because those have to have an ability to lose! my favorite part of this video is probably the last like, 20 seconds, with the wacky zingos batting. Its certainly cursed, but that’s kind of what the appeal is for me. Additionally, it was the most fun to make & i think it really conveys the ~fails~ element of the video. Just miss after miss [after miss after miss].

Overall, this was a pretty straightforward video to make. The editing was a little time consuming, because i had an hour of footage to sort through, and the editing software i used was a little bit basic, but it got the job done & i figured out how to make it work. One of the issues i encountered was that there wasnt really any way to make transitions? I could have uploaded basic photos to put in between each clip, and if i were to redo this assignment, i probably would do that, because its definitely a little bit jump cut heavy. If i continue video making in the future, ill probably look into better editing software, because even though this is Quite User Friendly its a little bit basic for the things i want to do/the quality of video i want to make. The hardest part of this was definitely figuring out where to cut, and how much to leave in so that people know whats going on, but don’t get bored waiting for the ~epic fail~.

the moral of the story is i think i’m a gaming channel now and if you have a webkinz pls comment and we can send each other webkinz mail. but the actual moral of the story is video game flop compilations are really fun to make in all sense, both the playing and even the editing.

add me on webkinz, -liz

ps: cringe culture is dead dont shame ppl for their interests i was just dying to embrace my inner exaggerating to get views youtuber 🙂

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