introducing: pac-tris!

okay so this mashup assignment was really cool and also gimp and photo editing has kind of grown on me. I’m by no means an expert, but i can feel the progress and how much calmer i am while using it, which is super cool and makes me really happy. anyways! the assignment. This assignment was to mash up two different video game covers. Sticking with our 80s theme (because i’ve been a little slack on that lately) i decided to go for pacman and tetris, two of the most popular video games during the 80s. Here are the starter covers for each game!

and thus, pac-tris was born! i knew right away that i wanted to make the squares and rectangles of tetris the little maze thing in pac-man, honestly that was the main influence in my decision of which games to mash, i just thought that would super fun so i did it. and the final cover!

My cleanup work on the “tris” is a little bit messy, but i’m so happy with everything else that i’m not too pressed about it. I started out by copying the different shades of blue and slowly but surely making a gradient like the tetris cover, except sans the title of the game. I then proceeded to cover up all of my hard work (and i worked hard) with the orange pac-man block. In hindsite, not my best move. but oh well, nothing to be done. From there, i spent a lot of time scaling the logos, and the ghosts, and the man himself, from the pac-man art i had. I also tried my hand at the smudge tool, and i think you can tell i’m still a beginner at smudging lol. Once all my little characters were placed, i realized if i made the edges of my paintbrush hard, i could add little pac-man dots for my boy to follow! so i did! After all that, i realized i wanted to call the game pac-tris, not just pacman but on top of tetris, so i tried clearing out the blue from the tris, mostly successfully, and added it as a layer as the finishing touch.

Overall i’m super happy with how this turned out and also this sounds like a really fun game. Logistically i’m not sure how one would play it, maybe spend one round stacking and one round eating, but it feels like it would be a good time.

stack on! -liz

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