imagine how is touch the sky

i tried using gimp again! am i supposed to introduce gimp with an article? i hope not! regardless of the answer, my affinity for both no caps and random caps For Emphasis should alert my fair readers to a certain. nixing of traditional grammatical structure in favor of ~Aesthetics~. but back to gimp! the prompt i undertook called to “take an existing image & change the concept in where you are at & what you are doing” the phrasing for this assignment confused me a little at first, so i looked to the examples for confirmation. and it was there that i found the work of fellow umw ds106 Kyle! def rec checking out his creation here!

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so without further ado, here is what i ended up with!

so theres a lot to unpack here, but lets start with basic process. i started with this photo

which i took on one of the actually pretty & not freezing days we had last week! so my immediate thought for this photo is TIGHTROPE, because the way im hanging on to the tree there is reminiscent of an unskilled tightrope walker! so! i googled tightrope, the skyscraper tightrope, because dream big, right? & thus decided i liked this photo

i like the way it has an actual tightrope person on it, i like the contrast. From there, i put the first photo, the one of me on the tree, into gimp & started erasing the background. learning gimp pt 1. i couldn’t figure out how to make the eraser bigger and with harsher edges, so i googled it! eventually, through a mix of google and clicking around, i found the modify your eraser tab & did just that! However, the first thing i actually did was google how to merge to images in gimp, & watched a video that told me i had to put the nixing background image on an alpha channel. so i did that & THEN, after modifying my eraser, i zoomed in and out of my photo to try and nix as much background as possible. then i added the skyscraper photo into gimp & essentially spent an hour playing with dimensions and trying to get both of them to be on the same screen on top of each other. i had this Very Weird thing that kept happening in which i would open the me as a layer on top of the skyscrapers, and then when i dragged me on top of them it created a blank space rather than a photo of me. i shouldve snapped a screenshot but alas yorick (& does anyone have any idea what and/or why that was?). alls well that ends well however, because i eventually got some good dimensions and good placement and ended up with a pretty funky fun final product!

oh yeah dancing GIF

gimp, as i have mentioned NUMEROUS times in previous posts, is really really hard for me to work and figure out, so even though this is Clearly Edited, i’m really happy with it and proud of myself for not giving up! a few things i do wish i could have thought through better do exist though. For example, since a tightrope is much thinner than a tree trunk, there is a good chunk of my leg and arm that is missing from the photograph. i tried shaping what leg i did have to seem naturally hidden behind the other, but i’m not sure how well i really did on that bit. additionally, i gave myself a little bit of a haircut rather than go Crazy stupid on the background erasing between literal strands of hair, but i don’t think that’s as noticeable.

Overall a fun assignment and i enjoyed taking my pic out of context and making me seem Really Cool and Brave. Although using gimp was difficult, i ended up actually mastering a few of the tools thanks to perseverance and hard work (& this youtube video & this youtube video & this website page & this website page). i did a lot of googling :).

ill see you on the tightrope, -liz

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I think that you did an awesome job! Gimp was really hard for me to work too and I got very frustrated. I ended up using Pixlr online because it had less gadgets and was more self-explanatory. But props to you for taking the time to figure it out! It really shows!

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