im a gamer!

and being a gamer, I have collected quite a few Super Cool moments. As such, I decided to do a video gaming highlights video with all of the cool bits from my most recent gaming session. I’ll give you a warning, its Super Cool ™

webkinz baybee! similar to my previous assignment, except this time is gaming WINS! so this one was definitely harder to make than my gaming flops video, mostly because this one required (of my own volition) audio attached. However, I did not record the audio while I was playing, so I had to record it after the fact. It ended up a whole mess that took ages to try and get everything lined up. My original plan for the audio was to just watch the video on silent while simultaneously narrating, and then just layer the audio on top of the video and bing bang boom done!

It was not bing bang boom done.

The issue started when I was both watching and recording on my phone, so I started the voice recorder, stayed silent until the farm game & then began speaking. This made it really difficult to figure out which silence was pre-me starting the video, and which silence was me post starting the video. And i was not able to figure that out, so i then had to problem solve by chopping the audio into little bits and lining it up (quite painstakingly, i might add) to its video counterpart. You may notice a certain lack of an outro… that is because i could not get the outro to fit, i think because i continued talking after the video ending without realizing it. terribly unfortunate 🙁

Another thing i’m kind of unhappy with is how chaotic the audio sounds. I was going for “a little bit too hype for webkinz” for the comedic value, but ended up more on the side of “holy cow she’s talking so quickly and everything is super jumpy”. Which is unfortunate. I think the best way to correct this would be to just, record myself audio-ly while gaming, that way i don’t have to line anything up and it will flow better and more naturally without as much painstaking alignment.

I chose to play webkinz because i think having an epic Webkinz compilation is really funny, and I like the juxtaposition. Also I’ve been playing a lot of webkinz recently so its on my mind. Along those same lines, its fun and mindless, which is really nice in a game. Overall, I don’t hate how this turned out, but I would love to redo this assignment now that i’ve learned a little bit more about video editing.

keep it cool, -liz

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