hold on to the memories they will hold on to you

A redo of the assignment I was probably the MOST unhappy with. I had Big Rushed this assignment, and I kind of hated it from the moment I began, but was too committed & proud to try something else. So Here we are, one month later. A little bit more skilled in photo editing. Ready to take it on. For comparison, as much as I would LOVE to bury that assignment within the depths of my blog, here she is

& you can check out the post for my in-the-moment thoughts about her! So. A few specific things that I don’t like about the assignment. I love this quote, and it does heavy resonate with me, but to me its applicable to Large Scale groups of people, banding together and not alienating one another. Building bridges, often even re-building bridges, and that’s not what this photo is. The photo I paired it with is me and my closest high school friends, who have always been an us. So there’s cognitive dissonance there that just really really rubs at me. Also. I dont like how the “paint smear behind the letters” look I was going for looks. I think in my head, it looked more like crayon, less of an even layer of color, because thats the vibe of the quote & also more my aesthetic. Also, my friends and I are beautiful, but it just didn’t sit right with me as a background (probably mostly because of the aforementioned cognitive dissonance). Also likely because its kind of A Lot Going On & thats just not the moves. So, my goals going in: choose a better photo, fix the lettering, nix the cognitive dissonance, and make it so that I Like the vibe.

I ended up changing both the photo and quote, oops. I realised while scanning through my photos to look for one that better suits the quote that I wouldn’t find one, and I was really committed to the Friendship Vibe. So, I scanned through my quotes note & found a more recent quote from the Taylor Swift song New Year’s Day “Please don’t ever become a stranger whose laugh I could recognize anywhere”. In context, its definitely Very Romantic Love Centric, but I think it applies to my homies too, I love them & can’t imagine life without them— but yall dont need my sentimental braindump. The important part is that this quote is really cute and sweet and really encompasses a lot of my friendship hopes and fears and etc. So with that in mind, I re-scrolled through my photos. From there I found this one, of my friends and I at an outdoor movie night with glowsticks.

What I like about this photo is that its a much simpler background for the quote, but the glowsticks still provide an element of interest. It also doesn’t have A Ton of colors that I have to worry about text clashing with or making it hard to read. Additionally, its with the same group of people, so it nixes the dissonance that bothered me so much! The next step was to put it into gimp & add the text! I decided on a cute script-y font, because its a) pretty and b) on brand. I added words mostly one by one to mimic the slow, halting way she sings the song (which is part of the appeal of the quote), and colored it white for maximum contrast with the Very Dark background. Once the words were added, individually and in groups, I spent more time than I’d like to admit moving them around to find The Ideal Configuration ™. And here she is! In all her glory!

So I’m super duper happy with how this turned out. I think it might the tiniest bit imagine how is touch the sky” but not to the extent that people can’t understand what its saying. Its kind of weird how we’re all just Dim Figures in the background, but i don’t mind it too terribly much. Overall I’m super happy I had the chance to redo this assignment and create a product that I’m Actually Happy With.

woo! -liz

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