buzzfeed? more like buzzkill!

ft! some spoilers to the Heathers movie (& musicals because they follow the same plot)!

ft: triggers ( brief mentions of murder, suicide, bombs)

The assignment? make a buzzfeed personality quiz relating to our theme! I decided to stick with the movie Heathers because it makes me happy, is just super interesting, and reminds me of this other Top Notch assignment I did! The characters I chose to include as results for the quiz were Veronica, Heather Chandler, Heather Mcnamara, JD, and Betty Finn. I left out Heather Duke because she is essentially just a mix of the other two Heathers and thus not worth including (disagree? lemme know!).

So I tried installing a plugin to get the quiz embedded but it didn’t work so here’s a link plus a screenshot of my funky-fresh Buzzfeed quiz

This was a really fun one because I, like many, am fascinated with Buzzfeed quizzes and finding out what kind of pop-tart (smores), or barbie (80’s fitness barbie), or candy (twix) I am, especially when I have other things to be doing- like writing up my latest ds106 assignment! One thing that I did struggle with was trying to come up with more positive characteristics for each person; some characters, like Betty Finn, are complete sweethearts and its easy to come up with a pleasant ending. Other characters, like JD, who killed 3 people and tried to blow up the school, are harder to find redeeming qualities in. I ended up going with a “glittering generalities” -type vibe with some of the more irredeemable characters, still basing the description off of their personality, but breaking down their personality into bare essentials that are nicer than “pyromaniac and also murderer”.

Another thing I struggled with what figuring out what questions would logically lead to each character. And although I know the favorite color question is overrated and doesn’t really tell anybody anything about personality, its such an integral part of the Heathers motif and vibe that i just had to. And I do not regret it. Thus, the questions end up being a little bit jumpy, some are deeper, asking about humanity and life goals, whereas some are shallower, asking about favorite colors.

To make this quiz, I started by deciding how many and who would be my end result characters. I chose Veronica because she is the protagonist and I love her, JD because he is an integral part of the story and has a very distinct personality, Betty Finn because she is one of two purely and truly good characters in the films (the other being Martha Dunstock), and Heathers Chandler and Mcnamara because of their distinct personalities. From there, I just brainstormed questions until I felt good about my number (enough for a reasonable quiz, not so much that it became boring) and then started coming up with answers! The Buzzfeed quiz-making set-up is very nice to use and makes the whole process super smooth, 10/10 recommend. The only issue is that today (Friday, January 24, 1am) I cannot figure out how to embed the actual quiz into this post. Alas poor Yorick. We’ll see if I figure it out. If not, anybody have any ideas? If you do, pls share im desperate

kisses! – liz

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I did some quick googling and I didn’t see a good way to embed Buzzfeed into WordPress either. You could push the quiz from Buzzfeed to Twitter and then embed the tweet as a workaround. And it looks like there are ways to make Buzzfeed-like quizzes in WordPress. Or just link to it like you did.

According to the quiz, I’m JD. But since the class is online I guess we’re all safe.

Congratulations! JD is certainly one of the more stand-out-able characters in the movie! And he has some BUMPIN songs in the musicals! I recommend Freeze Your Brain and Meant to be Yours!

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