and i would walk 500 miles

The goal of this (3 star, visual) assignment was to walk around taking a photo every 10 steps, and then make a collage out of the photos you got. I took a little ~creative license~ with the regulations (i.e. 10 steps is not very many so sometimes it was more like 12-13) but ds106 is all about creativity so I think it’s valid! This assignment was a really really fun one because it forced me to think outside the box- because 10 steps is not a lot and I wasn’t trying to take the same photo 10 times. I’m not vibing with putting all of the individual photos in here, so I’m just going to stick with the collage- which has all the photos in it so its fine! et voila!

This looks really really cool and I’m high key ridiculously proud of it! I’m really happy with how all the colors look, and I think the collage as a whole came together tremendously well! I mostly just took normal photos, but did ~spice it up~ for a few photos. I used flash for the gold heart photo in an attempt to show how shiny it was, which I sort of accomplished. The flash also had the side effect of making the background floor look all dark and cool. I also used flash for the photo with the drain thing (bottom left) and, combined with the forced perspective to make it look big, and ended up with a really neat secret tunnel type vibe which I’m super proud of.

I’m kind of upset that I couldn’t get the suspended rock photo (leftmost center) to focus, but I will admit that the blurriness is kind of a cool vibe, even if it doesn’t really mesh with the clear cut style of the rest of photos.

Out of all of the photos I took, I think my favorite is the one all the way left with the abundance of rocks. Something about all the colors and shapes just really ~speaks to me~. Closely behind it is my drain tunnel pic. My least favorite is the photo of the staircase from above. Its a little off center on all sides which makes it look just the slightest bit ~bad~, and the staircase just looks kind of dirty, which is unideal on all accounts.

In order to actually create this assignment, I took my starting point (the door with the golden hearts), took my photo, and then took about 10 steps to the fire alarm, took a photo, rinse and repeat about 8 times/until I ran out of interesting things to photograph. Then I went to this website and chose a layout and added photos! and voila! a lovely little collage!

keep moving forward! -liz

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important ps: thoughts and feelings on this movie?

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